The Great Obimi Does His Magic Act Again

The Great Obimi Does His Magic Act Again

By James Lewis/ American Thinker

Ever wonder why Obama looks so sharp in a dark suit?  Ever wonder about that ear-to-ear professional grin he’s got?  About those little dramatic pauses before he drops a well-rehearsed line?  Ever wonder where he keeps his high hat and magic wand?

Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer.  We’re due to see another magic campaign by The Great Obimi.  It’ll be one stunt after another, like those styrofoam Greek columns at his victory rally in Denver.

Now that the GOP race is settling out, Obama is starting his real campaign.  That messianic halo is beginning to hover over his head again.  People are beginning to faint at his performances.  The other day he asked his audience to stay calm and let that fainting lady or gent be treated by the medics.

Folks do that all the time when I speak,” he said modestly, barely restraining himself from performing a miraculous resurrection of the flesh, right there on stage.  In a couple of months he could be doing the full Elmer Gantry, raising his arms and going Heal! Heal! as the victim is carried away.

And the crowds will go wild.  They love this stuff, our super-intelligent left.

Sandra Fluke is no fluke.  She was a set-up, a full-time radical activist for the last ten years — after majoring in Women’s Rage at Cornell University.  Fluke has been so “active” in the last decade, it’s hard to see how she even found time for bathroom breaks.  At age 31 Ms. Fluke is a “student” at Georgetown Law School, specializing in activism against this Catholic private university.  She’s a professional victim or an accuser, depending on the needs of the moment.

That’s why you are paying your taxes for Women’s Studies, Black Studies, Hispanic Studies, the lot.  Your money is going to train “activists” to do PR stunts, in order to squeeze out even more of your money.  It all feeds the Demagogue Machine.

L’Affaire Fluke comes down to Alinsky Rule 1: Pick the target; freeze it; then polarize it — “polarize” means a hysterical mob assault on the designated scapegoat of the moment.

Check out Lenin’s Hanging Order.  It’s all there.  Nothing has changed, now that we have Vladimir Ilyich Obimi in the White House.  Today we are all kulaks.

The U.S. Army used to tell combat soldiers to “find ’em, fight ’em, fix ’em.“  “Polarize” means to fix ’em, to neutralize the enemy, discredit them, scare them witless, traumatize them.  Raging mobs create fear even without the threat of Siberian prison camps and basement executions.  We’ve seen the radical media go after Republicans and conservatives over and over again.  No one is immune; two-year-old Trig Palin is still targeted by the utterly shameless left.  Apparently little baby Trig isn’t covered by International Women’s Day.  Nor is Governor Sarah Palin, of course.

Obama has refurbished that oldest trick of the theater, the claque — the wildly applauding gang paid to sit in front of the crowd, ready to cheer on command.  With a well-trained claque you can say anything and the audience will still applaud.  Most people are afraid to stand out from a maddened crowd.  It’s how Demagogues operate.

We call our national claque “the mainstream media,” and we know they march in lock-step, because they were exposed in the JourNOlist scandal.  It’s the most significant media scandal ever, and the media are covering it up, of course.

Real journalists don’t sing from the same song sheet every single day.  Today, our media do that, which means they have no real journalists, just party operatives like George Stepanopoulos.  Identical media words every day are a sure sign of coordination.  If you ever need to prove the existence of media bias to a friend, just tell him to look at the lockstep headlines.

Right now those “spontaneous” Occupy mobs are being trained by the SEIU to shaft Mitt Romney during the campaign.  That “99%” lie they came up with is a setup for the coming campaign.  Those 99 signs are not homemade.  The 99% slogan is totalitarian, of course, because it tells half the country to shut up and obey orders.  It’s The Great Obimi practicing his tricks for the big show.

The media beat up Obama’s enemies in broad daylight, to make sure he won’t have real competition in the campaign.  Clarence Thomas called the media a “high-tech lynch mob” when he was up for his 1992 Supreme Court nomination, and they haven’t changed their stripes.  The mob is now trying to gun down Mitt Romney’s opponents, one after the other, saving their biggest ammo for Mitt himself.  It’s happening in broad daylight, and only conservatives are taking notice.

A century before canned laugh tracks, Italy’s La Scala Opera House had claques.  So did Benito Mussolini in the 1930s.  Opera is in the blood over there, and Mussolini loved to strut on the big opera stage.  When the Partisans caught him in the end they hung him upside down next to his mistress, suitably mutilated.  They understood the value of drama, too.  If it bleeds, it leads.

Bill Clinton was the first Democrat to bring a Hollywood director to the White House to stage his television stunts, but Obama makes the Clintons look like Arkansas hillbillies.  The Great Obimi’s election opponents in Chi-Town magically disappeared from their campaigns — twice after sealed divorce records were exposed in public at critical moments.  In Chi-Town Axelrod’s “opposition research” takes on a whole new meaning.

Hillary and Bill felt the sting of that Obimi whip during the 2008 primaries, when all the media turned on them as racists, on cue.  Remember that?  Choreographed by the wizard and his crew.

This time the target of Sanda Fluke turned out to be Rush Limbaugh.  But it could have been Rick Santorum, or you or me.  Obama operates by scapegoating.  This administration has tried to scapegoat Israel by using Stalinoid front groups like J Street, staffed by Soros activists.  The Great Obimi took on the whole Catholic Church in the run-up to the Fluke stunt.  Obama knows he lost any real Catholics a long time ago, so he has nothing to lose by attacking the Church on abortion.  The Fluke stunt was timed to peel off female voters for Obimi.

Most American presidents try to combine interest groups.  Obama likes to split them.  First he carves out the True Believers.  Then he tries to sweep up the wishy-washies toward election time.

Admittedly, Rush walked right into the trap by calling the lady a tramp.  He lost his deft touch, and just a few blundering missteps turned him into the target of the day.  Sandra Fluke is even now being turned into a martyr of leftist womanhood.  She’s now Saint Fluke the Martyr for abortion rights, all free from the taxpayer.

This is the second time Rush has been honored by presidential attention from a Democrat.  Bill Clinton tried to blame Rush for the Oklahoma City bombing.  Now The Great Obimi has him assaulting American womanhood in the person of Sandra Fluke.  It’s Dixiecrat gag number 3.  Robert Byrd would have loved it.

On the other hand, Rush is making out fabulously from all the notoriety.  All the talk show hosts in America are wishing The Great Obimi had picked on them instead.

So everybody’s having fun, except for the American people, who are being suckered.


Big time.