Turning Australia Into a Third World Hole in the Ground

Its a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it:


Australian Lawyers Get Rich Facilitating Third World Conquest

Taxpayers are being forced to subsidize the demographic conquest of Australia by floating Third World hordes straight out of the highly recommended The Camp of the Saints(free PDF). Fortunately, the welfare colonists and politicians who would prefer a population less tainted by traditional Anglo-Saxon notions of individual liberty aren’t the only ones who benefit. Lawyers are making out nicely:


We better make sure this doesn’t happen:

Taxpayers will pay at least $60 million in free legal advice for asylum seekers this year as new figures reveal 80 per cent of detainees are winning their appeal for refugee status.

A Herald Sun investigation reveals $32 million has been paid to 22 refugee legal firms since July – and the surge in boat arrivals is likely to see their slice of the immigration budget soar higher.

Labor’s immigration review scheme is also on track to cost up to $30 million as record numbers of asylum seekers use the court system to challenge refugee visa rejections. …

New figures show the proportion of asylum seekers winning their appeals to become refugees has jumped from 46.8 per cent in 2009-10 to 79.3 per cent.

Australia’s immigration system is referred to as Hotel California, because once the welfare colonists arrive, they rarely leave.

If Australians have any interest in surviving as a nation, they will direct their navy to torpedo the boats of incoming colonists as they would with a more conventional hostile invasion. Otherwise they will be displaced — ethnically cleansed, as liberals would say — from their own country, after being bankrupted by their parasitical conquerors. But first they will have to torpedo the leftist Labor government that is inflicting this disgraceful form of national suicide.

Succumbing to Imperial Japan would have been less shameful and less permanent.

7 thoughts on “Turning Australia Into a Third World Hole in the Ground”

  1. I think just about every Middle Eastern would be a candidate for asylum because Islam is against human rights, and this is the problem – the entire region could apply for asylum and be eligible.

    But guess what Australia will resemble in fifty years time – The Middle East! Just another hell hole on planet earth.

  2. It’s interesting that the Greens think they will ever get elected again after this shambles.

    I’d say that their stint in parliament has killed the Greens Party. Not that I ever voted for them, but I definitely would never consider voting for them now. There must be plenty of people who feel that way.

  3. Re Sheik. Yep and when I try telling people this I get platitudes. Willful ignorance.

  4. Methinks that just about every Middle Easterner is a candidate for asylum, or AN asylum (think funny farm) for Islam demands one forfeit their brain, hence, insanity results from refusing logic or reasoning. This manifests in utterly degraded mindsets that refuse to help themselves in their own countries and leads them to look out for handouts from more developed, civilized modern countries. Basically we are talking major predators looking to vulturize victims..those countries who sit back allowing this predation are clueless fools.

  5. These are not refugee families, escaping war-torn places, these are not small children being evacuated, these are armed & angry young men, looking to live well, while spying out the enemy.

    Send them straight back.

  6. Austrailians need to arm themselves . Their land will be destroyed by the whackos like they are doing it in the U.S.A. Freedom is never permanent, someone always wants to take it away. No rest for the weary.

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