U.S.: Jihad Against Whitey

Farraclown Watch

Make no mistake: this evil clown will get many people killed if he is not put away soon. What’s even more dangerous is that these lunatics have one of their own in the white house.

My God Will Wipe’ the U.S. ‘From the Face of the Earth’: Scary Audio From GBTV Special on Farrakhan

“If you choose to crucify me, know that Allah will crucify you.”Read More »

NOI  “Minister” Malik Shabazz Threatens to ‘Burn Down’ Detroit Over ‘White Supremacy’

“What the fu** is a matter with you?”—292 Comments »

Sick, vile and crazy:

Black Gangsters Unite:

Elected Officials Show Solidarity With Dead Hoodlum–Moonbattery

“May God bless Trayvon Martin’s soul, his family and–“

–CNN: Former Black Panther

Good riddance to a hooded crim:

As With Duke Lacrosse Case, Trayvon Martin Truth Begins to Emerge

Since it is becoming increasingly obvious that George Zimmerman is not a criminal but a hero, that Trayvon Martin was a drug-dealing, gang-banging punk, and that Martin was very much the aggressor, the Establishment Left might need to go back to Photoshop to keep the story spinning leftward. A little gift to the “mainstream” media to spare it the trouble:

New Zimmerman/Martin Pics for Liberal Media Use

We learned at least one thing from the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax: never believe theliberal narrative. Despite the spin, the truth is coming to light regarding George Zimmerman’s highly justified shooting of the violent punk Trayvon Martin:

Here’s an example of what the angelic Trayvon, or NO_LIMIT_NIGGA as he liked to call himself, left behind on Twitter>>>

If murder is their culture, this is what you get:

British Tourists Killed for Being “Crackers” in Florida

Since blacks kill whites on a daily basis in this country, don’t expect to see this story above the fold in many newspapers…

Blacks behaving like Muselmaniacs? Are you surprised?

Trayvon Martin Supporters Run Wild, Ransack and Loot Walgreens 

Trayvon Martin admirers found an appropriate way to honor the memory of the dead thug — by ransacking and looting a store>>>

One more thing:

The “white” Hispanic we have all been trained to hate — who has been in hiding for fear of his life, and who has had a bounty placed on his head by Obama’s New Black Panther friends — is a registered Democrat: