Afghan "refugees" and Leftists shut down military recruitment center in California

What we have here is the Afghans that Americans gave sanctuary and asylum to, have turned against America, and support, quite naturally Islam and Muslims.

We are in a war. One does not allow enemy aliens to enter the nation, and settle behind the lines. Its so elementary, that it is assumed that no nation would be so stupid as to let it happen.  (DP111)

The point is not their protest of the fool’s errand that is our military action in Afghanistan; the point is their thuggery in shutting down the recruiting station, their willful blindness regarding the Taliban, and the blind eye the Left turns to the human rights abuses of Islamic supremacists. “Protesters shut down recruiting center,” by Marilyn Bechtel for People’s World, April 3 (thanks to JW):

FREMONT, Calif. – Over 100 demonstrators, including many from this city’s large Afghan American community, shut down its military recruiting center in a non-violent action March 30 as they protested the killing of 17 civilians by a U.S. soldier earlier in the month and other atrocities against Afghan civilians, and demanded an end to nearly eleven years of war.

The shooting of the civilians is a silly thing to protest — after all, who supports it?

The protest, organized by Afghans for Peace and Iraq Veterans against the War, was joined by others from Fremont’s Afghan American community – the largest in the U.S. – and from San Francisco Bay Area Occupy movements and peace organizations. Demonstrators carried posters with photos of the civilians killed March 11, and placards bearing their names.”Everything is intertwined with power and money and resources,” Afghans for Peace member and college student Abass Darab told the crowd as demonstrators blocked the recruiting station’s entrances.

Just as Native Americans were forced off their lands over resources, he said, the U.S. is in Afghanistan, “treating people the way we’re treating them, because they have natural gas, they have minerals. None of the wars that are happening today have been without a huge impact on resources that are available in those countries….


Yeah, it’s just like the Indian wars. That’s why the Afghans are being forced onto reservations as we speak.

Other speakers drew parallels between the atrocities against Afghan civilians and the murder last month of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin….

That was inevitable given this crowd.

Harun Arsalai emphasized that there is no military solution. “The people, not the puppets, need to be in power,” he said. “No corrupt leaders, no U.S., no Taliban. Afghanistan is the most fertile country in the world, yet people are starving there, and hundreds of thousands are dying.”

I’m sure the Taliban will happily defer to “the people,” Harun.

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