Al Reuters jubilant: Dutch "burqa ban" may go after government falls

Welcoming their own subjugation:

(Reuters) – With the collapse of the Dutch centre-right government, the Netherlands may now drop some of its most eye-popping proposals aimed at Muslims and other immigrants and could soften its strong anti-immigration rhetoric.

A ban on Muslim face veils, such as the Arabic-style niqabs that leave the eyes uncovered and Afghan-style burqas that cover the face with a cloth grid, is less likely to go ahead after the government collapsed at the weekend. (More)

Geert Wilders is a Social Democrat.  

Nothing about him is “far right extremist”. He decided to let the government collapse because the people most deserving, elderly Dutch citizens, those who worked for their pensions, would suffer.  Muslims who never contributed, never paid taxes and never will,  are sucking seven billion Euros out of the Dutch economy annually.

Right Wingers In Europe Just Fired Off Two Huge Torpedoes

From AFP:

The breakdown after seven weeks of talks on austerity measures between Premier Mark Rutte’s ruling coalition and Wilders’ eurosceptic, anti-Islamist Freedom Party (PVV) has destabilized the political scene.

Wilders walked out of the talks on Saturday saying his party “could not live up to” European Union demands, arguing that the cuts aimed at steering The Netherlands back within EU deficit targets would hit the elderly the hardest.

So the Netherlands, a country nobody was talking about, is now without a budget, and without a government. Elections will have to be called soon after the coalition breakdown. UPDATE: Rutte is to offer his resignation.

There’s something that’s worth noting, which is that far-right wing parties in Europe frequently have a tinge of economic liberalism to them. As stated above, Wilders’ party opposed cuts due to the impact on the elderly. Le Pen’s solution would be for France to abandon the Euro (eventually) and monetize its debt through its own currency.

Core Europe has been worried for some time that an election in a peripheral country would produce a result that was anti-Euro. However the latest developments show strength for anti-Euro candidates in core countries.

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  1. Let us go back to the age-old, functioning system:
    a) You are only eligible for the dole if you have worked for a min of 5 years.
    b) Refusal to work looses you your right to the dole.
    c) Deliberate unemployability (unwashed, rude, unpunctual, drunk, lazy etc.) looses you your right to the dole.
    People leaving school early with no education and no intention of working are not eligible for child allowance or the dole.
    Exceptions made for people who are actually ill, old, incapacitated.

    TOO many people see no reason to work. We call then parasites.

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