"Fellow Earthians, I've never called for world Government. You have been reading the Murdoch press again."

The satanic Murdoch press is so biased that it needs to be muzzled, and Bob Brown will see to it:

But it also showed his Greens isn’t just the party of unreason.

It’s also the party that will call for the cops if you point it out.

For instance, note Brown’s response when an audience member asked why Australia wouldn’t lose its sovereignty under his plan “for one world Government with one vote, one value”.

Retorted Brown: “I’ve never called for world Government. You have been reading the Murdoch press again.”

That’s Brown saying his critic is just a dupe of the satanic Murdoch, whose papers, he’s claimed, are so biased that they need extra controls.

But then Brown was reminded that he’d called for just such a global government in last month’s “Fellow Earthians” speech.

Brown wasn’t sure whether to deny or confirm: “Well, I didn’t – I said we have to be aware that we’re on a planet which has finite resources.

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“Twenty-two US states after the Second World War supported past motions that supported world Government. We have drifted a bit from it and I am talking about a world parliament which is represented.”

So, true, he did call for a one world government, but will demonise those who point it out.

Second example. An audience member asked the anti-coal warmist to explain a claim he’d made during his campaign against the Franklin River dam: “A new coal-fired power station is the manifestly best option built on Tasmanian coal fields.”

Brown: “I don’t know where your quote comes from.”

Audience member (showing clipping): “This is from The Mercury, 20th of October, 1981.”

Brown: “OK. Let me just say about that that our position right through the Franklin campaign was renewable energy.” Yes but no.

(Brown) did call for a one world government, but will demonise those who point it out

A third example came when Brown said: “We think the export of coal should be phased out.”

When he was confronted last year with this ruinous Greens policy, he again claimed he was the victim of a Murdoch conspiracy.

Brown: “Treasury has no intention of shutting the (coal) industry down.”

ABC host: “No, but you do.” Brown: “No, I’m not. No, I’m not.”

ABC host: “Didn’t you say in 2007 that we have to kick the coal habit?” Brown: “No, I did not. You’re looking at the Murdoch press.”

Our future is in danger, when such politicians thrive and reason cannot stop them.

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