Australia: "Protest for burqa ban caused great offense!"


As usual, the enemedia can’t spin it enough to blame those opposing the burqa with “causing offense”- can’t offend poor widdle muslims now, can we?

The aggressive mob of young muselmaniacs who ripped the burqa off from one of the protesters gets no mention. Will the police charge him with assault? I won’t be holding my breath:


“Sydneysiders extremely offended by the male protesters wearing the burqa”

In this second vid (thanks to Vlad) you can see the criminal aggression of the Koranimals who go straight into attack mode: (will post as soon as it becomes available)

A group of protesters wearing burqas gathered in various places in Sydney today to argue for Australia to ban the face veil.

They say the wearing of the Islamic headwear donned by women, should be outlawed because they pose a security risk.

Security and police were called when the burqa-clad non-Muslims incited anger outside state Parliament House.

Members of the public were extremely offended by the male protesters wearing the burqa.

Zubeda Raihman from the Muslim Women’s National Network says, “I think it is pretty offensive because we live in this democratic country and we are given the freedom of choice.”

The only “offended” comment the 7-network offers its viewers is the opinion of a muselmanic agit-prop?

The group ventured to the Downing Centre Local Court, a city pub, a bank, and the NSW Parliament House.

The Bunglawussi knows who is to blame:

Ugly scenes erupted between a group of burqa-clad protesters and a Muslim man outside NSW State Parliament in Sydney today.

A group of men dressed in the veiled female garb as a publicity stunt to try and get the outfit banned. Members of the group Faceless ventured into a Sydney CBD courthouse, pub and bank without drawing much reaction, but faced a stronger backlash later outside parliament. “It’s got no place in Australia – it’s an affront to a civilised country like Australia,” Faceless member Nicholas Folkes said of the burqa.


Nine News filmed a man outraged by the protesters, shouting in their faces and pulling off their veils. “That’s what I think of you,” the man said after spitting on the ground. The argument became more heated when a man connected to Faceless referred to the prophet Mohammed as “a rat”.

9 News, 2 April 2012

Folkes (who lost his veil during the confrontation) is the Sydney organiser of the far-right Australian Protectionist Party. Another of the “burqa” demonstrators was APP supporter Sergio Redegalli, the man responsible for the notorious “Say No to Burqas“/”Say No to Fiona Byrne” mural.

(no, Folkes didn’t “lose” his veil, one of the Koranimals ripped it off. Try this with a Muselmama and all hell breaks lose!) 

See also 7 News, 2 April 2012

18 thoughts on “Australia: "Protest for burqa ban caused great offense!"”

  1. Look at how these diddler worshippers have such HAIR-TRIGGER TEMPERS.

  2. Remember Cigdem Aydemir getting completely offended and insulted over Sergio’s “Ban the Burqa” mural back in 2010?

    [Cigdem Aydemir, 27, a Muslim, artist and high-school art teacher, said she felt ”completely offended and insulted” when she saw the mural pop up in her neighbourhood.]

    Here she is doing “extremist activity” – some sort of performance art with a heap of women all in an enormous burka-thingy:

  3. Zubeda’s comment is an oxymoron. It also made no sense.

    We have freedom of speech which is designed for people to offend tyrants without getting persecuted. This concept I believe has its roots in Christianity and the Bible.

  4. Islam; a satanic belief system whose first victims are its followers. They will, as a matter of argument, tell you that they should not be compared to those in Saudi Arabia and the rest of 44 countries in the Muslim world…they claim to be unique….different, despite the fact that they are in the process of doing the same as they harass and violently threaten those who peacefully protest. Despite knowing the truth about themselves, they are bent on deceiving themselves with words as who they truly are. They are deceived by the father of lies, satan.
    Jesus said that God is to be worshipped in spirit and truth.

    Satan, the great deceiver is offended by the truth and having no truth in itself, it wishes to establish its raison d’etre through power, control and enslavement of the mind and body…

    Hence, we have a world that having also become deceived will not accept the truth as a defence, will not protect those who speak the the truth and bends over backwards to establish the great lie.

  5. Well done to those involved, especially keeping your cool when being intimidated by those two droppings of Allah. The comments by the Muslims simply demonstrate that they understand neither freedom nor democracy.

  6. I strongly backed the burqa protest. Yes, very deeply offended, only the burqa itself, not the protest. Who said this protect offends the Sydneysiders??? Of course, it offends to two muslim thugs who wear funky t-shirts and shorts.

  7. The niqab is so beautiful keep ur heads up high, and dont worry about society. I am a revert into islam and i wear the niqab and i feel amazing 😀 😀 😀 and i will never take it offf. 😀 😀 😀

  8. Meagan,
    Firstly that is almost certainly not your name. You are most likely a muslim male. You live in a democracy, and the majority do not want you. The only people who “revert” into islam are fools with incredibly low self esteem, and you use the word “revert” which really indcates that you are an islamist hiding behind an invented name. Just another cowardly mohammedan. I will bet that you masturbated yourself stupid over the murder of three Jewish kids in Toulouse by your gutless co-religionist. Please dont take the niqab off – your stink will alert people to your presence. In high summer it is very uncomfortable so I suspect that you have never worn one at all!!

  9. “WE live in a free country, WE have freedom to do/wear what WE want, kufirs don’t” appears to be the message of the attackers.
    The burka wearers claim they were doing research, surely this is still permitted in a free country? Either something may be worn, or it may not. However, we must not forget that for muslims this is the highly offensive ‘cross-dressing’ forbidden by a certain used-camel-salesman.

  10. Meagan – you are merely a convert to Islam, not a revert. Revert is an Orwellian term invented by Islamists to convince the disingenious that were born muslim.

    I definitely wasn’t born muslim; there is no way I would embrace a cult of hate like that.

  11. Wasn’t it lucky for sunglasses dude and his mate (nice haircut!) that they both had the day off work AND happened to be walking past Parliament House, so as to be able to foil those evil protesters?

  12. The Youtube video of Cigdem Aydemir’s performance was irritating. She seemed to be making all kinds of bizarre claims that muslims don’t have rights legally but Jews do. I’m not sure what point she is trying to make.

    She wants more anti-discrimination legislation….which means less rights for you and I.

  13. Charles Martellithowitis, I’m not sure whether it was by accident or by chance.
    I suspect someone near JooLiar’s mob arranged it that way…

  14. in response to all your hatred comments, no i am REVERT i am from Alice SPRINGS AND EMBRACED ISLAM MY OWN FREEWIL in 2009. My real name is meagan no need to hide it. And i belive in allah and in muhammed peach be upon him. I once used to think like use however knowledge does wonders. If use like ot pr not someone created use and that creator is Allah the almightly lord.

  15. @Meagan

    “once used to think like use however knowledge does wonders.”

    Oh Meagan, irony, sweet irony! I will leave use to your knowledge to figure it out.

    Peach to you.

  16. The true hostility of Muslims isn’t seen until they see something they don’t like. The violent, angry outburst seen in the video by the Muslim man is typical. Remember, they killed someone for a cartoon they didn’t like. Imagine how bad it gets behind closed doors within a family and you can see why Muslim women are afraid to go without the Burqa. Muslims are not peaceful. They are good at lying to you until their numbers grow and then you will see truth. Only in repressive backwards countries are Burqas accepted. Or should I say forced.

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