Australia's "Real Need"

Tim Blair

Multicultural ambassador for the AFL Bachar Houli says there is a real need for prayer rooms in AFL venues.

Ex-Victorian premier Jeff Kennett  says this is “political correctness gone mad”–  leading to this response  from the AFL’s site:

“Kennett’s prayer blast out of date”

And praying five times a day is so modern. Additional reaction from the ABC and Seven: WAKLING THROUGH THE GAME

Its all happening with lightning speed:

The AFL plans to have prayer rooms in place at all venues within a week or so, involving quite some work. Besides Etihad Stadium, the MCG and Sydney’s ANZ Stadium, which have already quietly set aside rooms for worship, the following grounds require Islamo-upgrades.

Useful idots literally fall over themselves to kowtow to Muselmanic demands:

WAR AND FITZ (Tim Blair)

The Australian War Memorial governing council now includes someone who responded to September 11 by apologising to Islamic terrorists.