German Gubmint Educates the Ignorant Masses on How to Properly Dispose of a Koran

 Koran Burning Verboten!
Burning infidel sons of apes and swine pleases Allah:
Soldiers of allah douse a Coptic Christian in Egypt with petrol and burn him alive……
How are unworthy sons of apes and swine to dispose of the Muslim ‘holy book’ without  hurting the feelings of 1.5 gazillion muslims around the world who would then have no other choice but to wage holy war and murder every infidel in sight?
The Gates of Vienna informs us that the infidel German masses are being duly instructed on  the Proper Disposal of a Free Koran

We reported last week on the proposal by an Islamic fundamentalist in Germany to distribute 25 million free German-language Korans to the non-Muslim populace.Imagine that you’re one of the unwitting recipients of a free Koran, dropped with a clunk through your letter box early one morning. You take a quick look at the book. It’s boring, turgid, and incomprehensible. You don’t want it.But how should you dispose of it? You’ve heard on the news about what happens to non-Muslims who burn the Koran, or throw it in the garbage, or flush it down the toilet. You don’t want to share their fate.

So what’s the solution? Bury it in the back yard? Hand it over to the police?

That’s what’s being discussed in Germany right now. Many thanks to Hermes for translating this article from yesterday’s Die Welt:

What to do with a Koran given as present?

The distribution of 25 million copies of the Koran in Germany was also criticised by Muslims. Many volumes will probably be thrown away, something intolerable for believers.

Qurious George and the QuranThe distribution of the Koran by Salafists in various cities is a matter of discussion: 25 million copies of the Koran in German, about 360 truckloads of books, are what the extremist Muslims want to distribute among the populace.

This action is meeting criticism not only from politicians but also from many Muslims. The chairman of the Central Council of Muslims, Aiman Mazyek, said that the handing over of Korans is actually a good task. But he views the distribution of millions of exemplars critically because the “Word of God” is not a flyer that you distribute en masse. Moreover, he fears that some Korans could at worst be thrown away as waste paper.

The idea of the Koran landing into a waste bin is unbearable for most Muslims. Already in February, the burning of Korans by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan led to protests and deadly riots: “The Koran is for the Muslims the direct word of God,” says Abdurrahim Kozali, Professor of Islamic law and religious practice from the Center for Intercultural Islamic Studies at the University of Osnabrueck. Therefore, the Muslims have always tried to handle the Koran with respect. According to Islamic law, the Koran should not be touched without ritual ablution or put on the floor.

To bury it like a corpse

Porky and the KoranIf Arabic Korans are old and illegible, they should, in the opinion of most scholars, be wrapped in a cloth and buried as one would a dead body, says Kozali. It must be also made sure that the (burial) place is clean and that after the “funeral” nobody will enter the burial place anymore. According to Kozali, a minority of Islamic scholars say that the old Korans should not be buried, but burned.

They refer to the Caliph Osman (644-656) who, after having edited the official Koran, ordered the older versions to be burned. The Islamic theologian believes that rather than intending to distribute a standard Koran, he did so because he wanted to avoid debate and confusion over older versions. For this reason, the funeral of the Holy Book would preferably happen through incineration rather than by burying it.

“The Koran is for Muslims the epitome of holiness,” says Hartmut Bobzin, a professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Therefore it is not surprising that the Koran enjoys special respect among Muslims. This reverential treatment towards a scripture by Islam comes from the Jewish tradition, scientists presume.

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  1. A helpful word of advice to all ethnic Germans who recieve this Death Cult book at home for free. It makes wonderful toilet paper and should last some time… just hang it on the wall or put it on a shelf next to the toilet and use as needed. If everyone did this, there would be a huge savings in real toilet paper.

  2. I would dispose of it anyway I choose and would never allow those infidel Muslims to dictate to me what I can and cannot do. Toilet paper sounds like a good idea to this vile imposition on the German people.

  3. Paper shredders come to mind …
    Or, just drop them off at the local mosque and make them their responsibility …

  4. I can categorically state that it would be treated equally to all the junk mail dumped unasked for through my letterbox; dumped in the rubbish bin along with the leftovers from my decidedly non-halal (and usually pig based) dinner.

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