4 thoughts on “Beyond Delusional: The Ultimate Useful Idiot”

  1. Kick him out. He only came for a conference and has over stayed his visa.
    Why is still in the UK?

    This loon can, stay, but the woman who is half British and half American and has lived in UK with her parents for over 30+ years, whilst working and paying taxes and never once on the dole, was denied the right to stay.


  2. Incredible isnt it Hill. The woman concerned is an asset, and some peanut brained piece of shite kicked her out, probably because she was not a member of a disadvantaged group.

  3. @kaw, I would like to say that such stories still filled me with shock, but after witnessing how Labour deliberately destroyed the UK. Not at all. These are the people who can absolve murderous, hateful and wicked behavior and place the blame on the victim because the aggressor came from a deprived background.

    Labour & the Left choose to live in some Bizarro world where Good is perceived as Bad…and Bad is celebrated as Good.

  4. I think that you folks can change things but you really need massive lobbying, and you need to remove the do-gooders from the halls of politics. This starts at the lowest levels of politics.

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