Blood-Libel & Smear Campaigns Against Counter Jihadists and Human Rights Activists


The Guardian:

 “Far-right anti-Muslim network on rise globally as Breivik trial opens.”

What network? And when did defense of freedom become a “far right” platform?

Surreal. While jihadists across the world slaughter, oppress, stage, persecute non-Muslims in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Israel, Russia …. the leftstream media smears and defames the handful of freedom’s defenders and human rights activists fighting jihad.

These are the twelve most important players in the anti-Islamist network:

How come they missed me?

As a monster’s trial gets underway, so does the defamation campaign, a blood libel. Here again we see the lapdogs in the media doing the awful dirty work of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation).

“The caliphate is alive and growing within Europe. . . .  It has advanced through the denial of dangers and the obfuscating of history. It has moved forward on gilded carpets in the corridors of dialogue, the network of the Alliances and partnerships, in the corruption of its leaders, intellectuals and NGOs ….” Bat Ye’or

Read it all: from Pamela Geller

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