Disgraceful: Unelected Oz gov't tries to re-engineer Anzac Day, blows half a million dollars…..

What else can we do to make Muslims like us? Do away with our “racist” flag?


Australia’s “DEFENCE Minister” Stephen Smith   fakes indignation:  “terrible” and “contemptible American  soldiers….”

(Well, its not like the enlightened progressives haven’t tried it before.)

AFTER spending $370,000 on an controversial  idiotic study for the Anzac centenary, the Federal Government has blown another $150,260 on a secret investigation to explain what the first report meant.

The Herald Sun revealed last month that a report commissioned by the Anzac Centenary Advisory Board warned there were “risks” in honouring fallen soldiers and it could provoke division in multicultural Australia.

It has now emerged that multicultural groups were not consulted in the first report and taxpayers’ money has been spent to hold 13 meetings in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

It is believed the second report has rejected the findings of the initial study and found support from multicultural groups for Anzac Day.

Tender documents reveal the Department of Veterans’ Affairs ordered the second report so it could “gain an understanding of the views, perceptions, knowledge and attitudes of Australian people, including specific cultural groups, in relation to the Anzac centenary”.

Opposition veterans’ affairs spokesman Michael Ronaldson said the Government had wasted taxpayer dollars “trying to re-engineer Anzac Day” while slashing spending on veterans’ services.

“This sad and sorry saga just goes from the sublime to the ridiculous,” Senator Ronaldson said.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard said she disagreed with the findings of the first report. It was an important part of Australia’s identity and was enthusiastically embraced by younger people.

A spokeswoman for Veterans’ Affairs Minister Warren Snowdon confirmed the second report examined public reaction and multicultural attitudes.