More Apologies to Talibandits….

The Real PR Disaster are the Constant Apologies by this Sorry Bunch of Progressive Fools

U.S. condemns photos of soldiers posing with body parts of Afghan jihadists

Remember the explanation the New York Times gave to Pamela Geller for why it refused to publish our “It’s Time to Quit Islam” after it had published a “It’s Time to Quit the Catholic Church” ad just days before? That’s right: they said our ad “could put U.S. troops and/or civilians in the [Afghan] region in danger.”

Yet this New York Times story contains a link to a Los Angeles Times story that includes photos (complete with facial images and name tags) that are sure to put U.S. troops and/or civilians in the Afghan region in danger.” Once again, the Leftist media is arrogant, hypocritical, and self-contradictory — not to mention fanatically opposed to the defense and safety of the United States (which is not to say that our national security is being protected by the fool’s errand in Afghanistan).


Australian “DEFENCE Minister” Stephen Smith says photos showing US soldiers with the remains of suspected Taliban suicide bombers in Afghanistan are “terrible” and “contemptible”.

“They deserve nothing but condemnation.”

Smith should keep his mouth shut. He’s appointment is an ongoing embarrassment.

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Jihad Watch reader David comments on the photos: “I have a different explanation for these abuses: When you put inexperienced young men and women in the psychologically traumatic situation of repeated extended overseas deployments and combat and you explain their mission to them in a way that is incoherent and incomprehensible, this is what happens. At some point they can’t take it anymore, they break. This is the result of the horrible, pointless abuse of our armed forces by politicians who have no concept of the stress these men and women are under.”

“Photos Show U.S. Soldiers Posed With Afghan Body Parts,” by Graham Bowley and Alissa J. Rubin in the New York Times, April 18

Al Jizz

Graphic photos published in an American newspaper show US soldiers posing with the mangled bodies of suspected Afghan suicide bombers.

Senior US and NATO officials moved quickly to condemn the pictures even before they were published on Wednesday by the Los Angeles Times, which received the photos from another soldier.

At a meeting of NATO allies in Brussels, Belgium, Leon Panetta, the US defence secretary, apologised for the photographs.

“This is war, and I know war is ugly, and is violent. And I know young people sometimes caught up in the moment make some very foolish decisions,” he said.

“I am not excusing that.”

Panetta said: “My apology is on behalf of the department of defence and the US government … Again, that behaviour is unacceptable.”

He also said he regretted the decision of the Los Angeles Times to publish some of the photos, which he said might trigger retaliatory violence against foreign soldiers stationed in Afghanistan.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the NATO secretary-general, also condemned the behaviour depicted by the images, saying they “don’t in any way represent the principles and values that are the basis for our mission in Afghanistan”


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  1. Shut up. Shrillary and Leon you pathetic excuses for government.

    American Military betrayed by the MSM… again.

    I have no sympathy for what happens to theses backwards zealots after their murder attempts failed and I am unmoved in my total support of the military.

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