From Algae to Cow Patties

Load of Crap?

After Obama’s Algae War’s:

Obama Admin Invests $5M in Cow Manure–  “We only wish this was a joke.”   Read More

Obamster’s “Spiritual Advisor” does Bob Marley

The context of the references are still unclear, however, the full videos can be found at the church website. (we need to download them before they get disappeared.)

(Related: Church refuses to allow Fox’s Hannity to play Wright video)

The Blaze has uncovered more. Much, much more.

Original VideoRappin’ Rev. Wright! Obama‘s Old Pastor Channels Lil’ Wayne, Tokes Ganja Like Bob Marley & Sings Adultery Serenade (With Crotch Grab)…All From the Pulpit!

Mac Slut Lied:

Culture of Excess:

Government “help” has caused college expenses to escalate out of control. But at least students are learning skills with concrete applications. For example, Portland State University offers a course on how to overthrow the government and impose a Marxist dictatorship: University Course on How to Impose Communism (Moonbattery)