Insolent Moslem Parasite Loses "Religious Discrimination" Case

We covered Mohammed Enait on this website before. Readers might remember that this Muselputz gained notoriety for refusing to stand for the judge in a courtroom, and the dhimmi-judges caved in:

Holland caves in: Mohammedan Shyster may remain seated…

From Dutch news HT London division

Handshake Muslim loses court case  (NER)

Rotterdam council was right not to offer lawyer Mohammed Enait the job of client manager after he refused to shake hands with women, a court in The Hague said on Tuesday afternoon.

The baloon left says “For Allah all people are equal.” On the right “Except women, gays, jews, christians, unbelievers, apostates, unmarried couples, members of the Tros, cartoonists, …”

Enait had applied for the job at the social services department but said he would not shake hands with women on religious grounds. However, he would greet them in another respectful fashion, he said. When he was refused the job, Enait brought a civil case against Rotterdam council, saying the rejection was religious discrimination.

The court found the refusal to shake women’s hands ‘unacceptable’ and that Enait is ignoring the equality between men and women, reports news website In addition, it would damage the relationship between the council and its clients. In 2009, Enait was in the news for refusing to stand up in court when judges entered the room on the grounds that in Islam all men are equal.


From Multicultural Netherlands:

Born as Faizel Mohammed Ali Enait, Mohammed Enait is a Dutch-Surinamese lawyer who is well-known for his controversial comments in the Dutch media. Mohammed Enait graduated at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He regularly publishes on a website called “Foundation Mirsab.”

In 2006, Mr. Enait began a lawsuit against the municipality of Rotterdam. He fought on the grounds that allegedly the municipality refused to give an orthodox Muslim a job as client manager of the Social Service because his faith refused to give women a hand. He lost the case. In 2008, Mohammed Enait was back in the press. By Dutch law, all lawyers are sworn in by the judge, and told to stand when the judge walks in. Mr. Enait refused to stand claiming that in his faith, Islam, all people are equal. With both actions, Mr. Enait received a lot of media-attention.

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  1. “the rejection was religious discrimination.”

    Well, it was of course.
    He failed to get the job due to his religious discrimination against women.
    Open and close case.

  2. “claiming that in his faith, Islam, all people are equal”, just that muslims are more equal than non-muslims. (from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”) I believe that was ‘spoken’ by a pig, too…

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