Insolent Turk Calls Geert Wilders "Islamophobe"

No, Wilders did not call him an insolent Muselputz in return. And that “negative us-against-them climate”  in Europe is not developing because of Wilders, but because of  Islam, which divides the world in believers vs unbelievers.

Turkish President Calls Wilders Islamophobe (via GoV)

Gul & Tilt

Turkish President Abdullah Gül has called Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders an islamophobe. In an interview with Dutch mass-circulation daily De Telegraaf, President Gül said Mr Wilders represents an extreme voice, which feeds radicals.”

He continued, saying because of Wilders “a negative us-against-them climate is developing in the whole of Europe, which is laying the foundation for ethnic religious discrimination.” Nevertheless, the president said he would shake the hand of the leader of the anti-Islam party if he met him.

Why Wilders should meet with him beats me….

Gul is on yet another begging trip:

President Gül is in the Netherlands on a three-day trip in the coming week to mark 400 years of relations between Turkey and the Netherlands at the invitation of the Dutch government.

A number of months ago, Mr Wilders said President Gül was not welcome in the Netherlands as far as he was concerned. In 2010, Turkey decided not to receive a parliamentary delegation which included Wilders. At the time, a Turkish spokesperson said that Wilders was “such a fascist that besides in Turkey, he would not be welcome in other European capitals.”

In response, Geert Wilders has indicated that President Gül’s comments do not bother him. “Turkish humour: Christian-teaser, Kurd-basher, Hamas-friend and Islamist Gül complaining about tolerance.”

5 thoughts on “Insolent Turk Calls Geert Wilders "Islamophobe"”

  1. “Islamophobe” is a contrived, meaningless word designed to strike fear in the hearts of angst-ridden libtards who fear nothing more than having their mc/mc mindset challenged. Furthermore, phobias are irrational fears. There is nothing irrational about fearing Islam as evidenced by Muslim blood lust for the past 1,400 years. I’m sure GW can handle anything the emotionally stunted president of Turkey can throw at him.

  2. Oh look at all the christian piggies defending their tiny-penised hero geert wilders! Hey christian piggies, google “pkk leÅŸleri” and see what we do to the christian terrorist swine on a regular basis. LOL, look at all the christian terrorists sent to hell. Repent christian piggies before you join them in hell when you die.

    Oh yeah, and Dutch swine Geert Wilders needs to apologize and commit suicide for the genocides the dutch committed against South Africans, Indonesians, and Muslim Bosniaks in Srebrenica.

  3. Sheik,
    am sending detail of last email onto a group of concerned gentlemen.

    Since the dutch did absolutely nothing to the scum muslim bosniaks one wonders at what generalsherman smokes or injects. We will find out soon enough.

    You have just seen an example of the sewer that passes for the muslim mind in action. The dutch never commited genocide against the Africans (they did not treat them well but that is not Genocide) , or the Indonesians, much less in Bosnia. The fool “generalsherman” has no doubt been imbibing of the flaturant atmopsphere in its local mosque and the vapors have affected its rather poor logic.

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