Iranian cartoons mock Holocaust, 1.5 gazillion Muslims outraged….


Today We Remember The Holocaust… Never Again (GWP)

Tehran marks Holocaust Remembrance Day by running cartoons denying the crimes. And the rest of the muselmanic madhouse follows suit.

So does Hussein Obama:

“Anti-Semitic President Who Aides & Abets Israel’s Enemies at Every Turn Pays Lip Service to the Holocaust”— he is Haman

Were this a non-Muslim country mocking and celebrating the mass murder of Muslims, the international outcry would be immediate and insistent. But no one cares about this — despite its multicultural protestations, the multicultural Left actually holds Muslims to a lower standard, revealing itself to be actually guilty of the sins it accuses anti-jihad freedom fighters of committing. “Iranian cartoons mock Holocaust: Tehran marks Holocaust Remembrance Day by running cartoons denying the crimes,” by Sam Ser for the Times of Israel, April 18 (thanks to JW & MEMRI:

While Israel marks Holocaust Remembrance Day, Iran is playing Holocaust-denying cartoons on public television, Channel 2 News reported on Wednesday night.

The cartoons show Jews fabricating stories about the Nazis’ atrocities and 6 million Jewish deaths, and then exploiting the Holocaust to enrich themselves and displace the Arabs from Palestine….


Obama Sponsored Occupy Facebook Drops All Pretenses

Tundra Tabloids

Occupy Wall Street has routinely denied its association with Jew hatred, even though its rallies are almost invariably tinged with anti-Semitic rhetoric and signs proclaiming the evil of the supposed world Jewish conspiracy. Rage at Israel and at the “Zionists on Wall Street” permeates the Obama-endorsed movement.