Islamic Banking, Nothing to do With Sharia….

“We are not bringing Sharia law in any way to Australia, “- its “ultra-ethical investing…..”

Call for Australia to welcome islamic banking

Islamic banking could help the Australian Government overcome infrastructure funding shortfalls, an Australian finance head says.

Muslim Brothers

Ahmed Fahour, Managing Director and CEO, Australia Post; and Talal Yassine, Managing Director, Crescent Wealth

The head of Australia’s first Islamic finance company, Talal Yassine, met with government ministers in Australia’s capital, Canberra, this week.

“We are not bringing Sharia law in any way to Australia,” he said.

More “ultra-ethical” investing at Radio Australia News  (Mullah)

2 thoughts on “Islamic Banking, Nothing to do With Sharia….”

  1. i dont think their are any ministers in the australian government with an IQ big enough to recognise what sharia is.

  2. I used to get emails from so I could see first hand what they were on about, but after a while I got sick of their BS and replied with info about Mohammed & Aisha.

    I must be off their mailing list now. Funny, that…

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