Israel Related

Hussein Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright is one of the leaders today in the “Global March on Jerusalem.” Protesters from 80 countries are taking part in the rally to show solidarity for the Fakestinians.

Update: the whole thing fizzled:

One News Now reported, via Free Republic and Gateway Pundit

Violent Protests On Israeli Border Led By Jeremiah Wright

The Obama White House denies being the source for the Foreign Policy article by former Arafat aide Mark Perry that claims that Israel has purchased airbases in Azerbaijan for an attack on Iran.

Former Marine Striker:

It’s Time to “Start Viewing This Administration As an Existential Threat to Israel”

Not British. Islamic:

Muslim university lecturer in UK: Jerusalem “does not belong to Jewish Israelis or to Jews,” Israel is “finished”

Arabs hate everyone, not just Jews:
They had it coming:

Obama wants to find the ‘real leakers.’ Just like OJ wants to find the ‘real killer.’ I don’t buy it. Do you?  (Israel Matzav)

Read this:

This Victor Davis Hanson piece is probably destined to be a classic.

Modern, ‘moderate’ Malaysia:

Muslim Top Dog tells Islamic headbangers during Friday prayers that Jews are their Number One enemy…

Dumb Question:

Will the country’s economy collapse as billions in aid money leave the country along with international security forces? Cash flight out of Afghanistan

Afghanistan never had an economic pulse. How can it collapse after  Islam destroyed it?