Londonistan, the "Beacon of Islam"

Londonistan, the “beacon of Islam”

21st April 2012 – Hajj Exhibition in London attracted 140,000 visitors
Just hajjing around:
The Exhibition ‘Hajj: A Journey to the Heart of Islam’ concluded recently its show at the British Museum in London with more than 140,000 visitors getting fully informed by viewing video-displays and monitoring audio- details of the comprehensive Hajj coverage.
More apostasy at Ministry of Hajj via Mullah

What kind of cult is this?

Hissy fits over “religious cult” which claims to be able to “cure” homosexuality through “spiritual healing”. Mayor vetoes homophobic bus adverts

Blood Libel Treated as Fact in Mohammedan Quarters

Mel Gibson, victim of (his own) Zionhass

Why did it take so long for Mehdi Hasan to admit to the blood libel?

Mehdi Hasan: Raed Salah DID Spread Blood Libel– Mehdi Hasan claims to condemn the blood libel itself as “disgusting”, whilst defending the man who spoke it.

Mehdi Hasan should  remove the scare quotes around “vile”, “extremist”, “hate preacher” and “anti-Semitic” when discussing media descriptions of Raed Salah.

The Sun, the Jewish Chronicle and the Daily Mail have every right to describe Salah in that way, because Raed Salah is a vile, extreme, anti-Semitic hate preacher.

Will Mehdi Hasan now re-write or alter his article? I won’t hold my breath……


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  1. Not, surprised by the K. Livingston corruption coming out of Tower Hamlet.

    Look who there leader is and what the demographics are. Just bringing third world politics and corruption to London. Thanks Labour-not.

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