Muslim Comedians?

Abbas may lose his citizenship. His Jordanian citizenship.

Theresa May should book attend a crash course in the Hashemite kingdom to see how its done:

From JPost via the Elder:

In a surprise move, Jordan has decided to revoke the Jordanian citizenship of Palestinian Authority and PLO officials, sources in Amman disclosed Wednesday.

CNN features Muslim comedian who equates Santorum with Taliban

WTF is a “Muslim Comedian?”

Just like there is only one Islam, every Muslim is an agent for the cult. No need to try and make sense of his drivel. And no, its not funny. Muselcomedy sucks.

Muslim Comedian Claims Santorum Sounds Like ‘the Taliban’ When Talking Church and State

The Muselmanic grievance theatre is vulgar, stupid and offensive.

“Mature and honest?”  Far from it:

Justin Raimondo apologizes for accusing Robert Spencer of murder, Reza Aslan doubles down

“…the Geller-Spencer-Horowitz crowd will crow that this just confirms their contention that all Muslims are evil, deceptive, murderous, you-name-it, but it confirms no such thing…”

Justin Raimondo  is an asshole. And Reza Aslan is an adolescent creep.