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Christian Blood on Obama’s Hands (Daniel Greenfield)

“Boko Haram has killed more people in one year than the Ulster Defence Force, which sits on the State Department terrorist list, has killed in decades of activity.”–  Christian Blood on Obama’s Hands

Obama Doubles Down on Marxist Ideology

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Is Obama Using ‘I Am My Brother’s Keeper’ to Peddle Redistribution of Wealth?


“Morally Toxic”

Klintoon in the O-bag:

Its all a fraud:

Even O’Reilly gets it right once in a while:
In the wake of the press’s nonstop hyperventilating regarding the Trayvon Martin issue, Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly appropriately asked Friday, “Is the media now inciting racial violence?”
The media lynching of Zimmerman has been astonishingly brazen, astonishingly reckless, astonishingly wicked.  The media framed Zimmerman as a racist, shooting an innocent black boy simply walking home from the shops. Tom Maguire checks the media outlets now retreating from the lynch party that a week ago seemed so fashionable.

If Obama Had a Son

The nice thing about hypothetical sons is you can imagine they would have been whatever you like. The Community Organizer in Chief tells us, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” (Moonbattery)

If I also had a son: celebrities weigh in

The Peoples Cube

Obama Doubles Down on Marxist Ideology

Anyone who doubted that a certain red diaper baby who spent his entire life surrounded by communists is a communist himself stood corrected after Obama told Joe the Plumber that “when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

Implicit in this statement is the assumption that all wealth belongs to the government to distribute as it sees fit among its more favored subjects. This means that all wealth-generating labor is done on behalf of the government on a slavery basis. Every penny of wealth that we ourselves create and are allowed to keep is considered a gift of the government — a gift that can be snatched away at any moment.

Having spent three years watching his policies erode our economy — driving up debt, unemployment, and gas prices to frightening levels — Comrade Obama has decided todouble down on this malignant ideology:

In a campaign speech in Vermont on Friday, President Barack Obama referenced the biblical story of Cain and Abel in condemning what he called “you’re-on-your-own economics” while arguing for a number of policies that involve government transferring wealth from one group of citizens to another — including providing public schools with more money for teachers’ salaries, freezing the interest rates on government-backed student loans, supporting companies developing biofuels, electric batteries and wind and solar power and funding scientists who are doing research on stem cells and climate change.

“I hear politicians talking about values in an election year,” Obama said. “I hear a lot about that. Let me tell you about values. Hard work, personal responsibility–those are values. But looking out for one another. That’s a value. The idea that we’re all in this together. I am my brother’s keeper. I am my sister’s keeper. That’s a value.”

Obama’s own brother, also a community organizer, subsists in a wretched slum in Kenya. Not long ago he was reported to be living in a pathetic hut on less than $1 per month. Meanwhile, Obama and the Bitter Half luxuriate in a lifestyle that the Czars would have envied. But then, socialism isn’t really about spreading wealth; it’s about spreading poverty on behalf of an entrenched ruling class.

No ifs, ands, or buts. Via Give Us Liberty.


Thanks to the Tundra Tabloids

For Friday night’s Obama White House seder, we hear there’s talk of an alternate version of the traditional four questions:

Introductory Question

Mr. President, why is this administration different from all other administrations?

First Question

Why is it that all other administrations acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but this administration refuses to say Jerusalem is even located in Israel?

Second Question

Why is it that all other administrations try to be friendly to the democratically elected prime minister of Israel, but this administration is bitter towards him?

Third Question

Why is it that all other administrations try not to pick fights with Israel even once, but this administration picks fights with Israel more than twice?

Fourth Question

Why is it that in other administrations the president visits both Muslim and Jewish states, but this administration visits only Muslim states?