"The western world needs to be brought down to its knees and replaced with an Islamic state…."

No worries: Obama is working on it.

That’s when he’s not on holidays or playing golf:

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There are times when Tarek Fatah tells the truth:

What about the Sikhs? Are they kosher?

Jonathan Kay Meets The Radical Sikhs

BCF:  Hilarity ensues… I had my own introduction a couple of years ago.

The Islamization of McGill University

Eeyore at the Vladtepesblog sent this disturbing report on the extensive Islamization of Canada’s premier University, McGill University in Montreal.  It is a translation from the French Language Counter-Jihadist website in Canada, Point de Bascule or “tipping point” in English. Of immediate concern is the University’s acceptance of a $1.25 million grant from Qatar  which has established an international center for the spread of ‘ethical’ shariah involving the infamous Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian televison personality Sheik Yusf Qaradawi  and Tariq Ramadan. As Point de Bascule notes this announcement by McGill comes a day following a French  government announcement banning the entrance of Islamic extremist and specifically naming both Qaradawai and Ramadan.

Here is Eeyore’s comment and  translation of the dossier from Pointe de Bascule on Islamization at McGill.

Islam on campus. A special report from Point De Bascule

Posted on March 31, 2012 by Eeyore

I just received an email from the truly superb website, ‘Point De Bascule’ (The Tipping Point) a French language website out of Quebec that does very thorough and carefully vetted research into the main issue of the day, our war with Islam and the extent to which they are taking over and transforming the Western world, specifically Quebec in their case. Read more:   The Islamization of McGill University