'One Million Hijabs' Fraud Turns Into Two Million Honor Killings

Silence from the Muselmaniacs. But don’t wait for apologies or count on them being embarrassed. They don’t know the word shame either, its not in the Koran.

‘I want people to know what really happened’: ‘One Million Hijabs’ victim WAS planning to divorce husband and move to Texas reveals brother

Nice try, retards!

  • Documents reveal family was in turmoil before the murder
  • Authorities examining suspicious text message sent to daughter
  • Threatening note that read ‘go back to your own country’ previously dismissed as a prank

An Iraqi-born mother-of-five who was bludgeoned to death in her California home was planning to divorce her husband and move to Texas with their children, her brother has revealed.

The death of Shaima Alawadi, 32, was last month reported as a possible ‘hate crime’ but police have recently turned their investigation to her family, according to court documents, as they continue to seek her killer.

Alawadi was found beaten to death with a tire iron in her San Diego home alongside a note that read: ‘Go back to your own country you terrorist.’

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Attack: Shaima Alawadi, left, was found close to death by her 17-year-old daughter Fatima Al Himidi, right

Final journey: Family and friends escort Mrs Alawadi's body to a waiting hearse following the memorial serviceFinal journey: Family and friends escort Mrs Alawadi’s body to a waiting hearse following a memorial service in California

Appeal: Kassim Alhimidi (right) speaks during a memorial service for his murdered wife Shaima Alawadi at the Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib Center in Lakeside, California, yesterday. He is flanked by his son Mohammed AlhimidiHusband: Shaima was reportedly about to file for divorce from her Kassim Alhimidi (right) shown speaking during a service in Lakeside, California. He’s joined by son Mohammed Alhimidi

But her brother Hass Alawadi has spoken saying he hopes the truth will be uncovered.

‘I want people to know what really happened,’ he told the San Diego Union-Tribune. ‘We hope for the best, hope for it to come out. I hope they found who did it.’

He revealed that his sister was planning to divorce her husband, Kassim Alhimidi, and move to Texas, which Ahimidi has been aware of for a while.

This news comes to light as an 11-page search warrant affidavit submitted to a court by police showed little evidence of a hate crime and revealed that Mrs Alawadi’s family was in turmoil before her murder.

The victim’s 17-year-old daughter was apparently distraught over the prospect of an arranged marriage to her cousin.

In addition, a suspicious text message led police to take a look at the woman’s daughter, who reportedly had a strained relationship with Ms Alawadi.

While police interviewed her after the attack, she got a text message reading: ‘The detective will find out tell them (can’t) talk,’ according to the search warrant affidavit.

The newly uncovered documents show that Ms Alawadi was contacted in November after officers caught her daughter, Fatima Alhimidi, 17, having sex with a 21-year-old man in a parked car.

Suspect? Shaima's daughter Fatima (right) is consoled by a friend as she takes part in a candlelight vigil to remember her mother outside her home in El Cajon, California, where the teen discovered her mother's bodySuspect? Shaima’s daughter Fatima (right) is consoled by a friend as she takes part in a candlelight vigil to remember her mother outside her home in El Cajon, California, where the teen discovered her mother’s body

Home: The murder took place at the family's house, located in El Rajon, CaliforniaHome: The murder took place at the family’s house, located in El Rajon, California

The records state that after Alawadi had picked up the teen following the incident, Fatima jumped out of her mother’s car as she was driving away at speeds of up to 35 mph.

Police have reportedly searched the home of the man that Fatima had the vehicle tryst with, and have removed items from his home in their investigation.

The teenager, who was with her mother in the Lakeside home at the time of the March 21 attack, called 911 after finding Alawadi unconscious.


One million women worldwide will show their support for Shaima Alawadi by posting pictures of themselves wearing hijab headscarves as part of a global campaign.Now as a show of solidarity towards the female Islamic community, one million women – many of whom are non-Muslim – have posted photos of themselves wearing the traditional headscarf.The campaign, ‘One Million Hijabs for Shaima Alawadi,’ has seen women worldwide wear the Islamic headscarf to show support for the family and friends of Alawadi, who was found dead on March 21.On a Facebook group created for ‘One Million Hijabs’, women have also sent messages of support while posting their photos.

One woman, named only as Saroise, said: ‘I wear this Hijab which is in respect to all women who wear it within their own choice, i myself am a protester from Occupy Dame Street left a piece of my soul in Tahrir square and heart in Gaza’.

Another member of the campaign, Lauralyn, said: ‘I am a Detroit school teacher and have been wearing a hijab for almost a week as a symbol against bigotry and discrimination.

‘The support and love from my students and community has been almost overwhelming’.

Ms Alawadi’s family, including her husband and daughter, are still in Iraq, where burial proceedings were held.

El Cajon police have said little about the investigation since a March 26 news conference and did not respond to a request for comment.

The FBI is assisting the investigation. No arrests have been made.

Suspicions arose that it was a hate crime after the daughter told reporters she found a note near her mother telling the family to go back where they came from.

But authorities haven’t disclosed the contents of the handwritten note.

The sheriff’s crime lab determined it was a copy, not the original, according the documents.

El Cajon police have said the note indicated the possibility of a hate crime, but investigators have stressed they are exploring other possibilities.

Those findings prompted demonstrations around the world by women donning a hijab as a show of solidarity towards the female Islamic community

The campaign, ‘One Million Hijabs for Shaima Alawadi’, has seen women worldwide wear the Islamic headscarf to show support for the family and friends of Ms Alawadi.

The family told police a similar note was left at their home weeks before the attack, but they did not keep it or file a report with police.

On the night of the killing, the teenager told police, she heard her mother squeal and the sound of glass breaking but thought it was a dropped plate.

She said she found the her mother unconscious 10 minutes later.

Ms Alawadi, who had at least six blows to the head, possibly caused by a tire iron, died three days later.

A neighbor reported seeing a man in his 20s running from the area of Alawadi’s house around the time of the attack.

Memorial: Shaima was laid to rest in her native Najaf, Iraq, on March 31Memorial: Shaima was laid to rest in her native Najaf, Iraq, on March 31

Distraught: Miss Al Himidi is comforted after talking to television reportersDistraught: Miss Al Himidi is comforted after talking to television reporters

The victim and her family left Iraq in the early 1990s after a failed Shiite uprising.

They lived in Saudi Arabian refugee camps before coming to the U.S., said Imam Husham Al-Husainy of the Karbalaa Islamic Education Center in Dearborn, Mich. Saddam Hussein’s troops hanged Alawadi’s uncle.

The family arrived in the Detroit area in 1993 and later moved to San Diego.

Shaima Alawadi was a religious Shiite Muslim who wore a hijab, said Al-Husainy, a family friend, and her father, Sayed Nabeel Alawadi, is a cleric in Iraq.

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  1. …”We hope for the best…” Now, that’s an odd comment. Yo , Sahib. Mama is dead.

  2. Since the ‘islamophobic hate crime” is evaporating faster than Lake Eyre in summer, the attention turns (reluctantly) from hate crime against muslims to … drum roll! … “family violence […] a problem that reaches far beyond the Muslim community” …

    On Shaima Alawadi, family violence, and hate crimes

  3. So, am not sure I get this one. Were the 1 mil hijab gals in support of this dead woman’s desire to get out of her marriage to what looks like one mean muthafaker? Or did pissed husband possibly place a note to look like an outsider killed her when in fact it possibly was an inside job? Which we all know means ‘honor killing’.

    So let’s get this one straight..daughter was found humping the camel in a car…mom wants out of loveless marriage and mom ends up dead..and daughter jumped from a car before that..who is on first here..and who are the morons here? I would say that a guy looking that mean hated her leaving him to go to Texas….poor guy would have to fix his own meals and take care of his own tum tum…oh poor baby…but why does dad leave daughter alive if she sullied his honor via auto camel humping? None of this makes any sense to me..but what does make perfect sense is that we don’t need any mentally misplaced hijabs clammoring for more of the same, that is, honor killings and the hijabs that represent insanity via the exlusion of women from having power. Or being beholden to men who feel that a fist solves all problems. Is there such a thing as a school for allah anger management classes for these neanderthal nincs? How about classes for NOT so honorable killings, rapes and mutilation of women…or would that make these guys view the world in a non warped way…surely allah would object!

  4. Being a Muslim or liberal means never having to admit you are wrong or say you are sorry.
    One million women worldwide will show their support for
    Where is the feminist outrage for the rape, violence and murder of

    Charlene Downes, England
    Ingrid Wickman,Sweden
    Beatrice Fredixon, Sweden
    Laura Wilson, England

    When will “One million women worldwide show their support” for all the little girls in the UK that have been stalk, plied with drugs and alcohol, then raped and passed around by the pigs of the Pakistani Muslim community, like the one in Rochdale?

    I guess these victims are just too white and too western for these feminist to care about.

  5. Diversity officers to control the kuffar? You mean like the way the blacks were treated and referred to as kaffir in South Africa? Where the word kaffir would devolve into a racial slur, and be used to degrade or be offensive to African blacks? Some kind of diversity, eh? Not sure I understand the sensitivity training in de-balling a black man when he has no choice in being called kaffir by a flagrant fooker.

    Did that come before or after the 1,700 years of moes treating blacks as personal slaves. The real muslim history tells how they entered a country and castrated every black man to prevent the propagation of his seed. And then the moes would rape all the black women so as to spread ‘diversity’ among the kuffar that they felt needed controlling.
    We here in the US NEED NO controlling, be we either black or white, or yellow with pink polka dots, but we sure must control all those who would come here to nudge us with their perverted sense of deadly diversity. The least of which is forcing their women to wear head covers to magnify ugliness, and prevent vitamin D on their skin…and oh yes, it also prevents the men from growing up and being responsible for their own sexuality. Why the onus is on their women to protect them from their never ending prepubescent prickhood is beyond me…are all these nincs momma’s boys? Part of becoming a man is learning to be liable for your lustful loins, not hide under a women’s apron or burka to protect you from your sinful self….but oh, i forgot, Allah says no man sins, right? Only women sin, especially if a herd of guys rape her, then blame her for being alive and breathing at the wrong time and the wrong place..but I digress from the topic at hand. We can expect more of this transference of ‘family violence’ in Islam, and it being suggested that anyone at anytime could do the same. Excuse me, but here in this country, although some women are abused, they do not have acid thrown in the face, their fathers don’t run over them in cars, they are not gang raped and given Allah’s imprimator. Our men do not take on five wives and expect their neighbors to feed their brood. Nor would they be so nuts as to have a ‘temporary marriage’ which is code for soaking it on saturday night. And for sure, we would never adopt the insanity of having our baby daughter’s female parts mutilated. Islam takes first prize in all the aforesaid..as it is all so liberal and loony like, in short, nucking futz!


    I now call for all muslim women to REMOVE head and face coverings to show solidarity AGAINST honour killings.

    For just one day, all women in America and Europe must eschew all forms of religious head covering!
    (I won’t ask it of women in islamic countries because we all know what happens to them.)

  7. Georgina,
    Don’t hold your breath – the PC left wing is incapable of recognizing that women have no rights and are not equal to the islamic male in the eyes of the islamic male.

  8. @queenofsheba,-Well said.

    I have always found it curious that a misogynistic and women hating religion places the gravitas of male honor (a word I use loosely in this context.) upon a girl’s purity and how much in control the male is, as not to allow any female rebellion within his household. Fearful of what his local peers will say/imply about his manhood.

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