Pamela Geller vs the morally repugnant Kapo's of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League

Geller’s anti-Muslim campaign is ‘abhorrent and morally repugnant’, says ADL national chair

“Geller Fuels Bigotry”

Geller should not be allowed to get away with playing the victim and hiding behind the mask of a “patriot and proud Zionist.”

What a wanker. What’s he going to do? Chase her down 5th Avenue? 

Geller’s self-righteous campaign to show the world the “true face” of Islam is abhorrent and morally repugnant. Geller, in views she outlines in her blog, has linked Islam to bestiality and rape of minors, compared Muslims to Nazis and asserted that Islam inspired Hitler. The Anti-Defamation League has closely followed her anti-Muslim scapegoating and that of Stop Islamization of America, the organization she leads, and has posted additional examples of her comments on its website.

Terrorism inspired by fundamentalist Islam is indeed a true threat to America, Israel and democracies around the world. But in directing her rhetoric at the entire Islamic faith – indeed, in supporting campaigns to suggest that Muslims should abandon their faith entirely – Geller fuels and fosters anti-Muslim bigotry in society.

Robert G. Sugarman, national chair of the Anti-Defamation League, writes in the The Jewish Week, 3 April 2012

Sugarman was responding to a letter from Geller in which she claimed that the ADL’s national director Abe Foxman “demonizes proud Jews who love Israel and fight for freedom, while he kowtows to the Islamic jihad”.

Here’s Pamela’s response:

Good to see more reason and logic in the letters pages of The (confused) Jewish Week. The Jewish Week published a grotesque piece by the dangerous Abe Foxman last week, equating me with the virulent Jew-hater Louis Farrakhan. Please read my article at The American Thinker, Abe Foxman Epitomizes the Failure of Jewish Leadership. The evil that JINOs do.



We have seen the likes of Abe Foxman before in Jewish history: the reviled traitor among us – Dathan in The Ten Commandments.  The idea that this greasy quisling still leads the Anti-Defamation League is a stunning indictment of the failure of Jewish lay leadership.  Worse still, a Jewish press is publishing this collaborator. […]

The capacity for humiliating, destructive behavior from Abe Foxman (and those Jews who fund the Anti-Defamation League) continues to astound and repel proud Jews across the world.

Foxman’s record of poisonous activity that is ultimately harmful to the Jewish community is longstanding.  His denial of the Armenian genocide is monstrous.  If we as a people cannot stand with other victims of genocide, then who can?  Here is a man who refuses to call the Armenian genocide of two million Christians a genocide, but who expects the Holocaust to be considered as such.  What’s the difference?  And if he can dismiss that genocide, what differentiates him from, say, an Ahmadinejad, who denies the Holocaust?  Foxman went so far as to fire an ADL regional director for disagreeing with him over the Armenian genocide. (Read the rest)

Kudos to Steve Feldman of ZOA (Zionist Organization of America) for writing to The Jewish Week and speaking out against this enemy within.

Steve Feldman

It was grossly irrational for Anti-Defamation League national President Abraham Foxman to lump Pamela Geller with Patrick Buchanan and Rev. Louis Farrakhan (“Russell Simmons’ Blind Spot For Bigotry,” Opinion, March 16).

I might be one of the few people who can say that they have attended 13 Farrakhan events as well as seven events where Geller has spoken. Geller uses facts, history and actual examples of rhetoric or incidents to sound an alarm about a clear and present danger facing Jews, Christians, America, Israel and the West: practitioners of extremist Islam. Farrakhan fans the flames of this extremism and is an extremist himself. To put it simply: Geller tells the truth about radical Islam. Farrakhan lies about Jews and Judaism.

We need more Pamela Gellers, and Foxman is quite wrong in castigating her.