"Pit Bulls are Delicious!"

‘The Difference Between a Hockey Mom and a Pit Bull?

 Let’s not forget the toilet flush. Did we really need to envision the president sitting on the toilet, seconds before he was to address the White House Press Corps?  A real Tingles (meltdown) moment!
Triple Play!

We might need laws against homosexual bullies after all:

Hookers needed:

“There should be Sharia courts which have the power to rule over criminal courts.”
Ignore the blather about “Islamists” and “Muslims and Christians condemned the violence”-  its “radical Islamism’ (not)  “Boko Haram” is not the groups official name….”


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  1. Moochelle was really suspicious when Obambi wanted a dog. He told her is was for a family pet for the children but she’s not that stupid and thought he was just ‘stocking up the larder”.

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