"Shocked Terrorist"

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Black flag doesn’t make Islamic terrorist an al Qaeda member:

A driver was asked if he supported terrorists when he was pulled over by police.

Mohammed Younis was told by the officer who stopped him that a black cloth he had fixed to the back of his car was a sign that he backed al-Qaeda. But the 29-year-old said the suggestion was nonsense and that the cloth was simply a good luck charm.  “Shocked Terrorist”

Workshop sheds light on ‘Islamophobia’

More garden grunt about distorted public perceptions of muslims and islam

“My impression is Islam is the most misunderstood religion,” the Rev. M’Ellen Kennedy said during a workshop “Facing Islamophobia” at the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Burlington on Saturday.   More misunderstood islam at Burlington Free Press

Yet another “Islamic Faith Perverted” story from the  US Department of Justice

“This is an example of another successful prosecution that resulted from outstanding partnerships between the Muslim community and law enforcement,” stated FBI Special Agent in Charge Richard A. McFeely. “As the threat from homegrown violent extremists remains high, the FBI and our police partners rely on a two way flow of information with the Muslim community at large. Together we are working to stop those that have perverted the Islamic faith into something it is not.”

Nothing but fear mongering:

Merah revenge attack warning

France’s interior minister has warned the country to be “vigilant” for Islamist extremists who may be seeking revenge for the death of Toulouse serial killer Mohamed Merah.

Claude Gueant said authorities had observed an increased “desire” and “enthusiasm” among such groups to avenge his death. Sky News via Mullah

Turks give a little, so they can take a little more:

Nothing to do with Islam, as always:

“Martinez said in a lengthy apology that he knew little of Islam when he was arrested and ‘all I had was a religious zeal.’ Martinez repeatedly said that he has ‘renounced the misguidance of terrorism’ and that the religion is not one ‘anyone in this courtroom should be afraid of.'” Of course. No worries. Happens all the time. Converts to Christianity who are long on zeal and short on knowledge often get mixed up in terrorist plots, too, doncha know.

“Musel-Man” in recruiting center bomb plot gets 25 years,” by Alex Dominguez for theAssociated Press, April 6

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