Sons of Obama:

The Left is to human welfare as prostitution is to love

“An episodic satisfaction is inexorably followed by human degradation masking as social enlightenment. This is, of course, as good as it gets for the ideological Left. This is as bad as it gets for the rest of us.”

Gang Of Obama’s Sons Attack White Dude In The Name Of “Trayvon”

“The American Dream is Marxist and Islamic”–  You can have it if you want it. Vote Obama! (just don’t call it class-warfare!)

Message unchanged, sez Jeremiah:

“Yes, Obambi was listening to my racist funk for 2o years, I always preached the same dreck!”

I’m telling you, little Barry never heard a thing!

More here at FOX via TT

I wanna see these perverts hang:

More wisdom from the Administration that told us all that the Muslim Brotherhood was “largely secular.”  — I guess we are stuck in an “unprecedented effort to engage” with the Muslim world…..


Obama’s Legacy: “fundamentally Islamize every aspect of life” in Egyptian society

Obama worked for years to legitimize the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood. Free peoples will be suffering for decades from the greatest threat to human freedom in US history: Obama.

Obamster lectured by Brazilian socialist hack on monetary policy

We’re all hoodlums now:

Bet yer sweet fanny he won’t:

Zimmerman Family Says Holder Won’t Arrest New Black Panthers Because He Is Black

I know Easter is over, but:

The Klintoons:

Hillary Clinton: I used to be an ‘icon

In her own mind she is just like Imelda. Evita Peron’s must be spinning in her grave…..


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