Did you know that Al Sharpton had an illegitimate child in Australia? Just as green, caring and compassionate:


Meet Greens candidate Michael Quall, devoted to reconciliation and “caring”:

“Andrew Bolt is a vile dog who should be put down, I openly condone hunting him down and beating him within an inch of his life “-  and “free speech doesn’t mean what you think it means, you stupid, vile, racist dog whistling c*nt…”

Well, at least the boy can spell. Can’t say that for the schlong….

Michael is a family oriented man, ( This bloke has 8 kids)  and a former bureaucrat turned community sector manager with an extensive background in social policy and community management. He has worked for the federal, ACT & Queensland public sectors, after commencing a distinguished career at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in Canberra in 1993…

He has served as the CEO of Aboriginal corporations in Western Australia and Queensland, and has sat on the boards of several NGOs in both Canberra and Brisbane, including Volunteering Queensland and the Youth Coalition of the ACT which he chaired. Michael has also chaired two Ministerial Councils reporting to the ACT Government…

Michael is also a former Young Canberra Citizen of the Year, ACT NAIDOC Young Aboriginal Person of the Year, and a recipient of the Centenary Medal…

At the forefront of Australia’s Reconciliation and anti-racism movements for many years, Michael … passionately believes in the message of the Australian Greens, and strives in his own life, and to encourage others around him, to live the ideals of a compassionate, caring, and sustainable existence.

An excerpt from Andrew Bolt 

Unfortunately, that compassionate, caring and sustainable existence doesn’t include everyone, to judge from his tweets:

From Boy on a Bike:

Did anyone from the Greens bother to background check this bloke before they endorsed him as a candidate? If they didn’t, then I guess that makes them a pretty hopeless bunch of cunts. If they did, and they read through that pile of tripe and didn’t ask him to tone it down…..it makes you wonder.


A message from Cory Bernardi:

But who really knows what goes through the collective minds of the Green cabal? After all, they want to end mandatory detention and prevent offshore processing for illegal arrivals, claiming that the policies don’t work. But back in the real world we are seeing evidence that indeed they do work and that only a Coalition government can be trusted to secure Australia’s borders once again.


Finally this week it looks as though the carbon tax may not be set in stone just yet. Legal advice suggests that it may be unconstitutional while Campbell Newman is commissioning his own advice to see if the states will challenge it in the High Court. For the good of the country let’s hope that they do.