Spain: Communist Indoctrination Equals Dumbing Down

Spaniards fight back against reforms

Lets play “spot the Muselman”….

Protesters throw stones at the police in central Barcelona during a general strike in Spain March 29, 2012.

Spaniard netizens are protesting recently announced austerity measures with numerous online campaigns.

On Friday, youth groups from the political coalition Izquierda Unida called for the restoration of democracy in the country via a Twitter initiative called “Our cuts will be with a #guillotine.”

This was spurred by conservative Popular Party Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s announcement that severe budget cuts would be implemented in order to stave off an economic crisis.

People across Spain took to the streets, and some demonstrations devolved into riots. In response, the Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz proposed a law on April 11 making it a criminal offense to organise protests that “seriously disturb the public peace.”

Diaz’s planned legislation then triggered the hashtags #HolaDictadura and #SoyCriminal, which stand for “Hello Dictatorship” and “I’m a criminal.”

Here are some highlights from the conversation online:

The political coalition “Izquierda Unida,” or United Left, began an online campaign called “Our cuts will be with a #Guillotine.”  The campaign is an answer to the austerity measures and their way of expressing their dissatisfaction with their system of governance and the monarchy, which they say does not represent them. The campaign’s aim is to create a “Third Republic with more rights and more democracy.” 

“More rights” means more entitlements. “More democracy” means socialism, mob rule and ‘other peoples money’.

“Democracy” is becoming a very dirty word.


(ANSAmed) — MADRID, APRIL 24 — Human rights organization Amnesty International has spoken out against the discrimination of Muslims in Europe and in Catalonia, where the followers of Islam are forced to worship in the street, exposed to the elements due to a lack of mosques. According to a report presented by Amnesty simultaneously in Brussels and in Barcelona and quoted in today’s media, in the Catalan region there were 40 legal disputes between 1990 and 2008 between Muslim associations and citizens’ associations or municipal councils. All requests to open mosques have run up against “technical obstacles, rejection by the public and even opposition by political parties openly stating that the construction of temples dedicated to the Islamic religion is incompatible with respect for Catalan culture and traditions”.

In the eyes of Amnesty International, all of this is “contrary to the freedom of religion, which includes the right to community worship in adequate places”. The human rights organization also spoke out against the ban on the burqa introduced by a number of Catalan municipalities for reasons of safety and equality, given that there have been “no reports of any woman entirely covered posing a threat to public safety or who has refused to identify herself”. Inside the report named “Elections and Prejudice: Discrimination against Muslims in Europe” the NGO states that the efforts put forward by governments to put a halt to negative stereotypes suffered by Muslims are extremely limited in number and insufficient, especially in countries such as Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

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  1. Dont allow mosques to be built. Once its built their demands will grow and u have a ghetto.

  2. @Leo Hugh-Part of the problem is that the EU requires/force some the countries to build mosques to get the money this happened in Greece.

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