They do it for LOVE!

Malcolm X’s Islam

Lover boy Malcolm X

Scaramouche went to the library  to pick up Manning Marable’s 2011 biography of African-American icon Malcolm X:

Here’s what he shares with us:

“he emphasized Islam’s capacity to transform the believer from hatred and intolerance toward love.  (Islam is) a religion based on universal compassion and respect for the teachings of the Torah and the Gospels…”

Destroying through peace:

islam is religion of tolerance, love

Sheikh Mishary  noted that peace is one of the focal points of the Islamic religion  which aims to preserve civil peace and security   and he cited a set of verses and Hadiths in this regard.  The Gulf Today via Mullah

Feel the Love!

Kill the rafidite shiite dogs!
Iraqi Shiite Muslim pilgrims walk to the holy city of Kerbala to mark Arbain in Baghdad: BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Armed men killed seven Shi’ite pilgrims in ambushes on Friday, police and hospital sources said, in the latest attacks to highlight underlying sectarian and ethnic tensions in Iraq.
“Backlash” in Yemen!
At least seven people killed in latest attacks against mostly Shia ethnic group in southwestern city of Quetta.
Lovely Beheading! More Dialogue Needed…

Omar Hammami was afraid this was going to happen over their differences regarding Sharia, and now it looks as if it has. Odd — why didn’t they have a tolerant, mutually respectful dialogue?

“Al-Shabaab execute al-Amriki,” from the Somaliland Sun, April 14 (JW)

Music is un-Islamic!

Bloodshed by the will of Allah: the jihadi world view is rather like a real-life game of Whack-A-Mole: Allah apparently created huge numbers of unbelievers, people whom he “made for Hell” (Qur’an 7:179), solely so that the believers could kill them.

“Islamic terrorists issue threat against Jedward ahead of Eurovision,” by Brian O’Reilly in the Independent, April 13 (thanks to JW)