We got mail! From Musa: "these jewish goverment of turkey…"


“ islam will take over the whole world “

Submitted on 2012/04/24 at 1:24 am


fuck ataturk he is an unbeliever like you motherfuckers that talk shit about islam because you are afraid of the truth… we turks are muslims and we will never change you cant be a kafir and a muslim at the same time and these jewish goverment of turkey will end whit the permission of ALLAH and all the unbelievers in turkey will be muslims or pay jizyaa fuck you west islam will take over the whole world when jesus peace be up on him comes back you will see!!!!


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Abu Musa was a failure too!

12 thoughts on “We got mail! From Musa: "these jewish goverment of turkey…"”

  1. I so love how these enlightened ‘fools’ say that Jesus is a Muslim when in fact and i’m guessing that them (Muslim idiots) know very well that Mary would of been stoned under the blasphemy/adultery laws.

    Jesus would of also been stoned under the blasphemy laws so how on earth can these idgits say he was a Muslim????????

    Too much in-breeding their poor lonely brain ‘cell’ must have problems comprehending logical patterns.

  2. Yes – these islamists are not intelligent – but you don’t need to be intelligent to parrot a quran.

  3. btw musa, we are not afraid of the truth, but we are concerned that a mindless moron like you is trying to impose its totally inadequte understanding onto the rest of the population.

    Question – how stupid are you musa.
    Answer – incredibly!!!

  4. Sad part is, these people like “musa” are probably the ‘pick of the litter’…

  5. islam will NEVER “dominate”. It will be eradicated completely by Enlightened Western Civilization.

    Watch and see, islamopithecus.

  6. Ataturk was deeply embarrassed and ashamed of Turkey and it’s backwards society, thus in the early twentieth century he had to kick it’s arse into the 18th century from the middle age period it was living.

    This deluded muzbot can beat his chest in delusions of supremacy all he wants, but it will never happen.
    A.) The Western powers that be (nor the people.) will never give up the lifestyle or the power.
    B.) All you have to do, is look at every single Muslim country that was briefly touched by modernity ( They always fuck themselves up and revert to their medieval, broken lifestyles a la Iran, Lebanon, Syria Afghanistan and Turkey.)
    C.) Further supported be the aberrations that our Dubai, Abu Dhabi (maybe Jordan) and Saudi Arabia, who with out the knowledge of foreigners the lazy peasants would still be in tents. The recent financial hit that Dubai and Abu Dhabi have taken reflects how dependent on Western money they are. From Turkey to China, one big shit hole of ignorance, backwards, superstitious, uneducated, classless peasants.

    Allah is on are side and will always be on our side.

  7. We want our jizya and sex-slaves damn it! And our 9-year old brides w/ no clitorises, and dhimmis to abuse and blame and make our slaves so we dont have to work. We want to beat our wives when we want sex and they are too busy tending to the children to drop their pants immediately! We want to persecute and murder anyone who criticises our beloved pedophile ,war-lord, cult-leader Muhammed! We want to drink camel urine and brutally sacrifice animals to nourish our sick souls with! (if ya still have a soul after Islam is through with ya!) We want to kill kill kill!!!Hate hate hate and we want it now!!
    Devil’s minions, no doubt about it.

  8. Woah, Thats from behind their enemy lines Stockholm, Sweden. Thats loads of shit to deal with.

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