What happens when a Moroccan imam orders all Muslims to leave France?

Well, what happens?

Nothing of course. They all stay put.

Omar al-Haddouchi, ideological leader of the Jihadist movement in Morocco, published a fatwa saying all Muslims should leave France for North Africa.

It appears he was just released from jail.

Who turned Europe into a toilet?

In other news:

They also saw “Islamophobia” in French arrests of Muslims after Mohamed Merah’s jihad massacre at a Jewish school in Toulouse.

The next time you see an Islamic supremacist like Honest Ibe Hooper of Hamas-linked CAIR or Boy Reza Aslan crying about Islamophobia, remember this: as far as the IINA is concerned, any action that the infidels dare take in order to defend themselves is a bigoted, racist assault on innocent Muslims. And the IINA is by no means singular among Muslims in thinking this way.

Qaradawi richly deserves to be barred from France and every Western country. In January 2009, during a Friday sermon broadcast on Al-Jazeera, he prayed that Allah would kill all the Jews:

Al-Haddouchi says Muslims have no reason to stay in France, listing as reasons the burqa ban, the limits on the call to Friday prayers, and the stricter controls on Muslim radicals following the terror attack in Toulouse. He said non-Muslim countries where like a toilet, where you do your thing and then leave.

His 14-minute long video fatwa is currently circulating on Jihadi websites. Al-Haddouchi was sentenced to 30 years for his links to the attack in Casablanca, May 2003, but was pardoned last year by King Mohammed VI.

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  1. What and leave all the money and modernity behind to return to a shit hole. I guess the good life trumps religion…..

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