Who let the dogs out?

Muselmanic Yuman Rites Circus Arrives in Korea

A human rights watchdog recently ruled that assigning an Indonesian Muslim to a job at a pork processing factory is an infringement of human rights.

A similar case was reported to the Joint Committee with Migrants in Korea, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the human rights of foreign migrant workers, this time involving another Indonesian Muslim worker who was assigned to a dog-breeding farm.  More grievances at Asia One (thanks to Mullah)

If you weren’t part of the flytilla….

Free Fuel for 2 months?

An official Moroccan delegation arrived in Israel

 For all the vitriol that Israel’s Foreign Ministry receives from the “progressive” crowd, especially under Avigodor Lieberman, he appears to do a great job: Official Moroccan delegation visits Israel, first time since 2000

One Cult-(ure) Fits All!

The British University head that seeks to force Islamic values on all British students

By Abhijit Pandya via Mullah

The promotion of this Islamic non-drinking culture is also contrary to general manner in which friends and social relationships are not only made at University, but also in the workplace and beyond to general life in our country.  Story at Mail Online/15 April 2012

Meanwhile, in Colombia:
There’s a ‘beer summit’ going on!

Shrillary habitually makes herself happy:

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