15000 kafirphobic Muslims to defend sharia against 'Islamophobia' this weekend

15,000 Muslims to Assemble in CT in Support of Sharia & Against ‘Islamophobia’ This Weekend

Changing the packaging will make us love it:

The campaign aims to shift focus from the misnomer “Shariah law” and draw attention to what really is at stake here—your religious freedom.

(The Blaze)

American Muslims who are disheartened by increasingly fervent attacks on sharia law are planning to assemble en masse this weekend to protest against what they fear are attempts to discriminate against their way of life. This weekend, 15,000 believers are expected to descent upon Hartford, Connecticut, for the 37th annual Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) convention.

The Muslim American Society-sponsored conference, entitled, “Defending Religious Freedom: Understanding Shariah,” will take place from May 26-28. According to Religion News Service, the event is the second largest annual event for Muslims in the U.S., behind the Islamic Society of North America’s annual gathering (the latter event attracts 30,000+ people).

The Muslim American Society is of course, you guessed it, the Muslim Brotherhood, the same mob that is responsible for much more than this:

The focus of the event will be on sharia, Islamic law that is intended to govern the lives of believers. The Blaze has covered the opposition that exists to Muslim law here in America numerous times before. As RNS highlights, Kansas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Missouri, South Dakota and Tennessee are among the locations where legislation has been approved to ban judges from considering foreign laws. This, of course, would include sharia law (in Kansas, legislation has not yet been signed by GOP Gov. Sam Brownback).

While politicians see this as a way of protecting the U.S. constitution, others — particularly Muslims who embrace sharia — believe that these laws are discriminatory. Take, for instance, Naeem Baig, the ICNA’s vice president of public affairs, who has some harsh words for those opposed to Islamic law.

If you don’t like clit-cutting, child-marriage, slavery, wife-beating and dhimmi-exploitation you are a hater of Muslims:

“It’s a deep-down hatred of Muslims that motivates. They don’t want to see Muslims in America,” Baig said. “Muslims need to be educated about sharia. There’s a need for the community to better understand what sharia means to us, and how to apply sharia in a society where most people are not of the same faith.”

The conference will focus upon educating Muslims to better understand sharia and how it applies to their lives, among other related sentiment. An advertisement on the conference’s web site reads:

There are more reasons than ever to attend the ICNA-MAS 37th Annual Convention being held May 26 – 28, 2012 (Memorial day weekend) at the Hartford Convention Center in Hartford, Connecticut. This year’s theme is “Defending Religious Freedom – Understanding Shariah” which is an extension of our 1 year long campaign. It is an educational initiative that hopes to “help the public understand Shariah and counter the rise of Islamophobia in America. The campaign aims to further shift focus from the misnomer “Shariah law” and draw attention to what really is at stake here—your religious freedom.

“The ICNA-MAS convention puts you in front of world renowned scholars with solutions designed specifically to address the issues American Muslims are facing today,” the convention’s web site continues. “Challenge your Islamic knowledge and expertise with a wide array of thought provoking topics and break-out sessions ranging from novice to expert.”

Islamic Circle of North America Hosts Annual Sharia, Islamophobia Conference

While the ICNA is doubling down on sharia, Muslims like Canadian activist Tarek Fatah have come out strongly against Islamic law.

Tarek Fatah is sadly mistaken. It is the first and foremost religious duty of every muslim to spread Islam and the sharia and hold it over and above the law of the kafir:

“It has no place in Islam. It has to be totally rejected, because it is the law that gives dictators — it has been dictated by caliphs and sultans to justify their rule over oppressed people,” Fatahrecently told The Blaze. ”If Muhammed came around he wouldn’t know what this meant. If he came around, he’d say who the [heck] wrote this up?”

8 thoughts on “15000 kafirphobic Muslims to defend sharia against 'Islamophobia' this weekend”

  1. Simple touchstone:

    If ‘your’ religious laws apply only to you, then you require no courts to enforce them.

    If ‘your’ religious laws are to apply to ‘me’ they are no longer protected by religious freedom since they are political aims that impinge on my constitutional rights.

  2. ”If Muhammed came around he wouldn’t know what this meant. If he came around, he’d say who the [heck] wrote this up?”

    Wrong! If Muhammad came around we’d all be dead or in slavery.
    Why do the so-called moderate Muslims paint Muhammad with such a pretty colored brush? The man was an animal (if he even existed).

  3. Western Jurisprudence contributed to the ascendancy of the West Civilization.

    There is no place in law for religion, especially religious law, like Sharia that marginalizes much of society and perpetuates an obstructive existence to cultural growth.

  4. Sharia Law violates Human Rights , which is equality of gender and equality of all people .. To counter the charge of “islamophobia” at this hypocritical Islamic HateFest I suggest picketing the venue with signs of ” STOP KUFFARPHOBIA” “STOP CHRISTOPHOBIA” ” STOPSTONING” ” STOP GENDERPHOBIA” “STOP ARAB IMPERIALISM” STOP SHARIA BUTCHERY” these should be accompanied with graphic photos of women being stoned and a famous photo of a man walking with a bunch of severed hands slung over his shoulder,…A picture says a thousand words and they can’t hide the truth!! that Sharia and islam are barbaric political tools to control people.

  5. More overt deception from the worlds biggest group of whiners and liars. ‘Defending religious freedom’ is yet another device to further their own cause. They are not interested in people having the right to practice their religion, just to plot and scheme their nasty barbaric misogynistic hateful so called ‘laws’ to prominence. Pathetic

  6. “If you don’t like clit-cutting, child-marriage, slavery, wife-beating and dhimmi-exploitation you are a hater of Muslims”
    now that’s just wrong …. these are people who want to follow sharia as they want not as it is ,,, we dont have any of these in our sharia that’s just nonsense and totally against our religion in the first place it just doesn’t even make sense how can i be told to treat people like i want to be treated and then u tell me i can slave people and beat my wife? sorry but who ever wrote this totally knows nothing about Islam or sharia and if it is true that the vice president of ICNA who said that i say this ICNA is totally wrong and it is going after personal goals !
    Muslims were the first to forbid slavery for your information also in Islam hurting a human body even if own is forbidden so i just say to people who say talk trash about sharia , you are just big mouths who haven’t even stopped for a moment and tried to read a decent book about a real life experience of sharia not these books you guys write out of no where
    and oh saudi arabia they don’t follow sharia as right , forcing people into things is totally against our sharia and again they just do it believing that they know better ,,,, of course that’s wrong
    the only place where u can get a good source and information about islam and sharia is the biggest and only Islamic house , AL-Azhar Al-Sharif , Cairo ,Egypt that’s the only place where u can learn and study about islam and its been for ages , think of it as a Harvard for Islamic knowledge

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