The Globull Warming Racket Meltdown

“There is no ideology or religion that should be above criticism or debate including global warming.”

Any Other Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Would Be Treated Cynically By Reporters’: Canadian Pundit Ezra Levant Rips Global Warming Lobby

Remember when global warming was a gigantic, apocalyptic danger that was going to destroy the world and that no true scientist would deny was such a thing?

We don’t either. Indeed, after two successive scandals, more financial conflicts of interest than can be properly counted, and “An Inconvenient Truth” being ruled inaccurate by a UK Court, it’s starting to become a mystery how this doomsday cult-style prophecy attracted the kind of credibility it did.

But unfortunately, not everyone appears to have caught on that it’s old news. To that end, Canada apparently is still being besieged by the global warming lobby, especially in the media. Which makes this epic rant from Canadian conservative pundit Ezra Levant all the more satisfying to hear:

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Andrew Bolt

Fines are for little people

Labor has introduced $1.1 million fines for waiters or sales staff who exaggerate or lie about the carbon tax. Tim Blair wonders if the fine also applies to the Prime Minister.

But… its a green helicopter!

No warmist should preach from his chopper

I’ll believe our emissions are a problem when the warmists act like they were.

Highlights from the lengthy deconstruction follow, courtesy of Fox Nation:

Most journalists who are most normally the most skeptical people in the room turn into obedient stenographers when faced with global warming salesmen. Any other multi-billion dollar industry would be treated cynically by reporters, not so the Global Warming industry or its high living jet setting tycoons. Journalists become fanboys! Yeah, no thanks. I’m not that obedient. Political correctness accounts for some of this, I mean it’s still fashionable in elite circles to follow the global warming fad and journalism professors are usually left wing.[…]

But I think the largest factor is the simplest! Follow the money. There are billions of dollars spent each year on global warming, not on fixing the so-called problem. But rather funding the political, diplomatic and journalistic class that keeps this so called crisis bubbling and keeps beating the drum for big government solutions. And if you‘re a professor try getting a research grant if you’re a global warming skeptic. You can’t! Universities have been bought too!
But here’s the good news. Normal people are not buying it. A new survey by Atticus research shows when Canadians are asked to rank their environmental concerns, global warming comes in dead last, out of 7 choices. People are sick of the propaganda, sick of being told what to think and sick of being told that we are in a perpetual crisis and I think people are sick of high energy prices, high gas prices for your car, high power prices at home. And we’re sick of the hypocrisy of David Suzuki with his 3 homes lecturing the rest of us to cut back.

Well, count me with the skeptics on the inside. There is no ideology or religion that should be above criticism or debate including global warming. Look I don’t care what Ed Stelmach says. The debate is not over.