Afghan Troops Forging Alliances With The Taliban To Attack US-Led Forces, Loot Convoys

Our friends and allies:

Afghan Troops Forging Alliances With The Taliban To Attack US-Led Forces, Loot Convoys (Pat Dollard)


Excerpted from MSNBC: — Members of the Afghan army are forging secret alliances with the Taliban, threatening to undermine the ability of Afghan authorities to maintain control just as NATO troops prepare to hand over power to the country’s security forces, Britain’s Sunday Times reported.

Meanwhile, the Taliban, our future peace-partners, do what they do best:

120 Afghan schoolgirls ‘poisoned’ in classroom attacks

More than 120 schoolgirls and three teachers have been poisoned in the second attack in as many months blamed on conservative radicals in the country’s north, Afghan police and education officials said.

“Conservative radicals”-, that’s what we have to look out for. Just like Catholic radicals, or Jewish radicals. They’re all the same, are they not?

I spit on these perverse ABC swine.

In Ghazni province an hour from capital Kabul, Afghan army lieutenant Mohammad Wali admitted to the newspaper that he and a local Taliban commander were working together.

“We lost seven men in an ambush when I first arrived at the base,” Wali, who commands 18 men, told The Times. “So I thought, why risk my life when there’s another way?”

The two share intelligence about military operations and plan to loot Nato supply convoys and divide-up the proceeds, the newspaper reported.

Wali told the newspaper that he met the local Taliban chief in a bazaar, where the two agreed a ceasefire and plans to ambush NATO convoys on the Kabul-Kandahar highway.
“The plan is simple,” Wali told the newspaper. “When the Taliban attack the convoys we stay in our bases. If the Taliban capture something valuable then they share it with us later.”

Local Taliban commander Mohammad Hassan told The Times that he had hit dozens of convoys in this way.

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  1. A muslim is a muslim is a muslim…Mohammads modus operandi was to make an alliance , do a backstabbing deal with other tribes against the infidel he made the alliance with, and then loot the passing caravan, later dividing the spoils…nothing changes with muslims, only the time frame is different…what the F*^# are we doing wasting our money and precious lives in these rat infested islamic holes for? leave them to themselves and stop immigration of this sub human species into our countries!

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