Obama’s legacy:

Pushes Afghan Pres Karzai to surrender to bloody, brutal Taliban

Now we are begging them to allow us to surrender to them. That is the legacy of Obama.

The Taliban have been warring against US troops in Afghanistan, slaughtering our soldiers, poisoning girls’ schools, beheading anyone and everyone who does not adhere to pure Islam …..  (Pamela Geller)

Muslim Brothers

Obama to urge Afghan president Karzai to push for Taliban settlement…. no more talk about that illusive ‘moderate’ homo Talibanus,   just wave a white flag, lets just kiss and say goodbye……

Taliban Death Threats

The West’s Afghan Workers Fear NATO Withdrawal

Sure they do. But if we take them home with us they will still bring  Islam along in their mental baggage.

With the German army pulling out of Afghanistan in 2014, hundreds of Afghan workers fear they will become victims of revenge by the Taliban, who have already condemned them as traitors. German authorities are already preparing for a wave of visa applications. By Matthias Gebauer and Shoib Najafizada in Berlin and Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan  more… [ Forum ]

Unreliable Partners?

Germany’s Reputation in NATO Has Hit Rock Bottom

Ahead of the NATO summit in Chicago, Germany’s standing in the alliance has reached a low point. The country’s abstention in the UN vote on military action in Libya has done lasting damage to its reputation. The Germans are now seen as unreliable partners who don’t know what they want. By Ulrike Demmer and Christoph Schult more… [ Forum ]

Obama urges Karzai to surrender to Taliban

What are we fighting for? “Obama to urge Afghan president Karzai to push for Taliban settlement,” by Ewen MacAskill in the Guardian, May 20 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

Hussein Obama is to use the Nato summit to press the Afghan leader Hamid Karzai to engage with greater urgency with the Taliban about a political settlement in Afghanistan.

Taliban tightens grip on Afghan schools:   “The Taliban are fine with us as long as we do what they want,” a teacher says

Woman and girls enjoy better access to education and healthcare than during Taliban era.
(That won’t last. The Taliban already have their ‘advisors’ in the schools. And the curriculum is Islam, nothing but Islam: Taliban tightens grip on Afghan schools –

Karzai demands ‘respeck’

A House Republican who has been an outspoken critic of Afghanistan’s central government has been banned from entering the country, Afghan president Hamid Karzai said Monday.

Beats me how we can allow a drugged out sock puppet like Karzai to pretend he holds any authority at all. A public flogging would be appropriate.

Karzai bans congressman from Afghanistan until he ‘shows respect’

And he has done so very much that is worthy of respect. My favorite was his threat to join the Taliban. But like Islamic supremacists the world over, Karzai demands a respect that is entirely unearned. “Karzai bans congressman from Afghanistan until he ‘shows respect,'” by Carlo Munoz for The Hill, May 21 via JW

But what did we buy with all that money? A failed state in which the most powerful political and social force is the one we went in to eradicate. “Afghan President Karzai Thanks US for ‘Your Taxpayers’ Money,'” by Mary Bruce for ABC OTUS News, May 20

Noble Savage Alert

The humanity of head choppers, cough. This is so good (cough) it could have been written by Yvonne Ridley:

The Star wishes to provide you an appreciation of the Taliban’s “aesthetic dimension”

“Poetry brings out ‘aesthetic dimension’ of Taliban” –Blazing Cat Fur

“Afghanistan, like other Muslim countries in the region, has a long tradition of popular verse, and the Taliban — both its official leadership and individual fighters — have embraced the form. Despite the group’s austere interpretation of Islam, which extends to a complete ban on instrumental music, recordings of poetry recitations are frequently traded between fighters on CDs and MP3s and often serve as soundtracks for the movement’s propaganda videos.”

The Star actually reprinted this crap at face value without comment.