Toronto: "Institute of peace and tolerance" shut down

Shocked Shiites!

Yasmin Patel Is Shocked! Shocked! To Hear Of Anti-Semitism At The East End Madrassah!

Yasmin Patel: Anti-Semitism charge a shock to East End Madrassah

Just like Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi was shocked about….well everything – Read The Sargent Schultz Of Shia to learn all about Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi’s convenient memory loss. (BCF)

It must have been a ‘moderate’ madrassa. Normally they teach the kiddies that Jews are sons of apes and swine:

Toronto school board pulls permit for madrassah after its website  called  Jews “treacherous” and “crafty” — 

And the Jews, the enemies of Islam, prove it time and time again:

East End Madrassah: B’nai Brith calls for broader investigation into Muslim school curriculums

“B’nai Brith Canada noted that this should not be treated as an isolated incident and has called for a broader investigation regarding curriculum offered to young Canadian Muslim students.”

First came the lukewarm apologies, then defiance:

The complicit PuffHo buys the taqiyya:

The usual suspects are beside themselves:

A volunteer teacher at the Shia school is shockedshocked, says she!–that the plug that been pulled, and defends her beleagured institution. So, too, does this guy, another volunteer at the school. (Did the joint have no full-timers?)

Scaramouche:  “Let it be heard loud and clear to Canadians everywhere: Toronto’s East End Madrassah is an institute of peace and tolerance”

On and on it goes. Is there not a minimum of common sense, a sense of self=preservation?

How long before a a Mohammedan ghazi raider howling allahu-akbar  grabs a Jewish child by the hair and shoots it in the head…or slits its throat and slices its head off with a butcher’s knife?  Well, just keep on importing Muslims into Canada by the bucketful, and sooner or later it - or something orders of magnitude worse…Mumbai 2008? Beslan? - will most assuredly happen.

And the same applies to Australia, the USA, New Zealand, and every other country in the world that previously free or almost entirely free of a Muslim presence until very recently – now hosts an aggressively-expanding Mohammedan colony, and an increasingly-threatened Jewish community.  (Leftist infidels be warned: you are not safe no matter how much you suck up to the soldiers of allah….)