All inclusive Muslim hate fest in Sydney

A conference or meeting of Muslims where “Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, Barelvi, Deobandi…everyone is welcome” in Sydney turned into a hate-session against the fiercely proselytizing Ahmadiyya. Paki journo  Razi Azmi objects:

The aim was to generate hatred against the Ahmedi minority sect, which was excommunicated by the Pakistani parliament (no less) in 1974 and by majority Muslim public opinion long before that. The persecution of this community has now extended to other Muslim countries, most notably Indonesia and Bangladesh….

Indonesia an “extraordinary example of rising religiosity”

Influence of Islam increasing in Javanese society, says author

Australia is part of the problem. We are paying for mosques and madrases to indoctrinate their children with  that mystical “moderate Islam” that never turns out the way our fantasy-based policy-makers are hoping.

Andrew Bolt discovers the  new commissars of compassion:



Meet Greens candidate Michael Quall, devoted to reconciliation and “caring”:

 I worry about the menacing signals sent by the new moral Jacobins. They are the new commissars of compassion….

Other homegrown problems:

There is a CONFLICT OF DUMBNESS down under, and there is flooding going on. Either way, it all comes back to warming panic that makes believers faint and overpaid warming gurus shriek: LEAVE FLANNERY ALONE

Here’s something you might be surprised to learn your carbon tax dollars were funding: tea ceremonies and basket-weaving. And I’m sure you didn’t know it cost taxpayers this much!


A message from Cory Bernardi:

You won’t believe what just became legal in New York and I can guarantee you’ll be amazed and bewildered about what some Aussies are being investigated for in Afghanistan. You’d think our troops were under enough pressure fighting a violent insurgency without the additional burden of bureaucrats scrutinising their every word.