Anjem Choudary helps Norway 'to understand the situation'

Paki jihadist in Britain wants Mullah Krekar out of jail,  threatens Norway:

“The Flag of Islam Will Fly High Over This Building”

As mentioned earlier tonight, Anjem Choudary is engaged in a little judicious arm-twisting and intimidation of the Norwegian government in an attempt to spring his esteemed colleague Mullah Krekar from the slammer.

Mr. Choudary insists that all his talk of exchanging Norwegian hostages for the Merry Mullah does not constitute a threat. Not at all! He is merely trying to help the Norwegian government “understand the reality of the situation.”

From Gates of Vienna:

The Krekar-Choudary Axis

The notorious Ilford firebrand Anjem Choudary has called for the kidnapping of Norwegian citizens abroad to exchange for the notorious Oslo firebrand Mullah Krekar, who has been detained after being convicted of making certain… ahem… indelicate public statements.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about the latest antics of the Jumpin’ Jihad Jokesters. He includes this note:

The article claims that Choudary is calling on Muslims around the world to kidnap expat Norwegians in order to get Mullah Krekar out of jail.

For those interested, there is also an online interview with Choudary on

The translated article from Dagbladet:

Encourages Muslims to kidnap Norwegians living abroad

British jihadist wants Mullah Krekar out of jail.

Anjem ChoudaryThe British jihadist Anjem Choudary is calling for Muslims to kidnap Norwegians living abroad in order to get Mullah Krekar out of jail.

Choudary told NRK that it’s the duty of all good Muslims to ensure that Mullah Krekar gets out of jail, and that one has to be willing to use all necessary means in order to achieve this goal.

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  1. I think we are going to have to resort to drastic measures to rid ourselves of this Islamic plague on humanity…a bullet in Choudary’s head would be appropriate.
    I can think of many other Imams who deserve the same, and following that, any Imams who step up to take their places.
    If we can get rid of radical Imams we can get rid of the plague.
    The Imams are the cause of all this trouble. They practise the abrogated verses of the Qur’an and Hadiths.
    If we cut off the head of the snake it can no longer harm anyone.

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