Deceit and Betrayal: Obama loves deceit but hates traitors

Col West slams white house: sick joke!

Lets talk about the Obamster doing ‘blow”…. (shark tank)

Obamster discovers Death Camps in Poland, Poles outraged

Remember when Obama’s uncle liberated Auschwitz?

Poles and Polish-Americans expressed outrage today at President Obama’s reference earlier to “a Polish death camp” — as opposed to a Nazi death camp in German-occupied Poland.  But hey; he is more intelligent than Booosh!

The Pal’s know that Obama will pay the jiziya no matter what they do:

Retired General McInerney:

How will the Christians in Egypt ever thank Obama?

Pamela Geller:

Next to what is going down in Egypt now (and what we can expect from an Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood), Mubarak is looking more and more like a cross between Ataturk and Schweitzer. (well, may as well add mother Theresa…)   Egypt’s Christians Outraged By Court Ruling (AINA)

Are the rats jumping ship?

Mooch whines about ‘racism’, forgets affirmative action that gave her and O’turd an education, forgets  about stoopid Americans who voted for him…..

Dumb question:

Did the Obama administration betray its own bin Laden informant?

You can bet your sweet fanny on that. For those of us who are watching closely this is not a question, but a matter of fact.

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Melanie Phillips:

The jailing by Pakistan of the doctor who led the CIA to bin Laden’s hideout in Abbottabad is clearly an outrage. The Pakistani doctor, Shakil Afridi who has been thrown into prison for 33 years for treason, should be regarded instead as a national and global hero for helping run bin Laden finally to earth. His jailing – in a farcical ‘trial’ without a judge or his own lawyer — is the clearest demonstration that Pakistan, which the west treats as an ally against the Islamic jihad against the free world, is actually its enemy.

When Dr Afridi was jailed, US security officials expressed horror, as well they might. But was Dr Afridi actually betrayed by the Obama administration itself?

New York Congressman Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, certainly thinks so:

‘King said that the administration gave away the doctor’s name and discussed the DNA samples he collected to verify it was bin Laden living in the compound in Abbottabad.

‘… King, a Republican from New York, said that Obama’s team should not have spoken about the doctor and his program, effectively giving away his identity. “They put him out there,” said King adding that he is unaware of any efforts the administration made to get the physician out of Pakistan. “I’m focused on that they disclosed his identity.”’

The smell rising from the Obama administration becomes more noxious by the day.

Obumbler and the Navy Seals

 Obama leaks names of Navy SEALS

This is no accident either.  Obumblers connivance doesn’t stop here: he uses them because he wants to be seen doing something about terrorism and then he hangs the best of the best out to dry.

It was the same with enhanced interrogation, with the Gitmo apes who are ‘just folks who need lawyers’, and the recent sellout of spies.

Obama is leaking the names of top secret operatives in the OBL capture and kill to Hollywood morons so that these tools can make Obama the hero of an OBL movie depicting him as the hero.. All this while  the body count piles up in Obama’s preening and strutting wake.

…… one of Hollywood’s biggest Obama boosters may be plotting to drop a second film into the early Fall schedule, one celebrating the president’s biggest accomplishment – the killing of Osama bin Laden. (more here and here.)

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