Did FDR & Churchill invite Hitler to the Atlantic Conference?

This just in: FDR, Churchill invite Hitler to the Atlantic Conference. “NATO invites Pakistan to summit in Chicago,” by Chris Brummitt and Slobodan Lekic for theAssociated Press, May 16 via JW.

 Israel never had a chance:

Iranian official calls for “Islamic awakening” to destroy Israel

But of course he doesn’t mean it — we all know that.

 Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar says Ayatollah Ali Khamenei “meant physical termination.”—Ex-Spanish PM: Khamenei Told Me ‘Israel Must Burn’

Israel becomes a target in Egypt’s presidential vote

More Arab Spring Democracy On the March in Egypt

Australia pledges $300 million to Afghan forces

These Infidels are great. Shoot a few of their soldiers, and they’ll give you money. “Australia pledges $300 million to Afghan forces,” by Rod McGuirk for the Associated Press, May 16 (thanks to JW)

The German government has just pledged another 150 million Euros to the ‘Afghan gubmint’- no matter what,  gotta pay the jiziya!

…or else there will be Jihad in Bonn

Thankful muslims kiss their prayer rugs in gratitude for Merkel’s support…..

Thousands of the world’s Christian leaders are in Indonesia seeking God’s guidance on how to transform the nations with Christ’s message of love.

They have my blessing  because  Indonesia’s “moderates’ are turning nasty:

 More Muselmanic Frenzy:

 Mali takeover, Africa Jihad:

Violent Islamist Takeover in Mali Targets Fleeing Christians

What? Don’t they know that Sharia is benign and completely compatible with humane values such as those enshrined in the U.S. Constitution? Have they been listening to greasy Islamophobes? Imam Rauf, you’re needed in Mali! These benighted folks need to learn to love Sharia — or else!

“Malians riot as rebels impose Sharia law,” from the Mail & Guardian, May 16 (thanks to JW):