DOJ Holder Refuses to Prosecute Islamic Terrorists

Terrorist Abu Jihad plans terror attacks,  Pal TV documentary glorifies him

Hard core progressives still insist that Obama is not a muslim. Will they believe it when he declares himself the  first caliph?

Your tax dollars at work: Official Palestinian Authority media glorifies murderous jihad terrorist

Good thing Obama is giving them that $192 million, eh? “PA Media Glorifies Master Terrorist On Anniversary of His Death,” by Elad Benari for Palestinian Media Watch, May 2:


Ahlam Tamimi  is a Palestinian terrorist, responsible for the 2001 suicide bombingat the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem that killed 15 people and injured another 132. 

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One thought on “DOJ Holder Refuses to Prosecute Islamic Terrorists”

  1. Holder like his boss has got to go.
    Just another office brought to shame and ill repute under Obama.

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