"Far Right Provocation"

Update II:

PRO NRW gets permission to show Muhammad cartoons in Cologne!

A victory for free speech? Not really.

Freedom of expression is a fundamental right under the German constitution.

Another defeat for NRW’s dhimmi interior minister Ralf Jäger: according to an express decree from the  magistrates court Cologne Kurt Westergaarts cartoons can be shown in front of the mega-mosque construction site  in Cologne. Markus Beisicht, leader of PRO NRW: ” this is a great success for us and for freedom of speech”.  [more in German]

Jawohl Herr Kommissar:

One of  interior minister Ralf Jäger’s  cultural police enrichers is a Salafist, and suddenly unwanted. The police wants to get rid of him…..


Muhammad cartoon demonstration in Bonn, Germany: Muslims shooting at the police. Police to free speech activists: “Shut up!” Peaceful demonstrators asked to leave.

A short addition to the JW article “Bonn, Germany: Club-wielding army of 600 Muslims attack as Muhammad cartoons are shown publicly. 29 policemen hurt, 109 arrests.“.

Salafis in Germany make video calling for war

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the Vid

Bonn, Germany: Muslim “lone wolf” tries to make his brothers and sisters stop using violence (to avoid losing the politicians’ sympathy)

The SPIEGEL sucks, we all know that. But this kind of cocksuckery is getting old. Annoying, to say the least:

Far-Right ProvocationBerlin Worried About ‘Muhammad Cartoon Contest’

A far-right group in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia is running a ‘Muslim cartoon contest’ and plans to display the works outside mosques. The move has alarmed authorities which fear it could incite violence and hurt German interests abroad, similar to the backlash that followed the 2005 publication of cartoons in Danish newspapers. more…

Muhammad Cartoons Shown in GermanySalafists Attack Police at Far-Right Rally

A group of radical Muslims attacked police in the German city of Solingen on Tuesday during a far-right demonstration, injuring four. They were provoked by the anti-Islamic Pro NRW party, which displayed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Officials had warned that the publicity stunt could spark violence. more…