Muslims claim the land and native Russians are the aliens. The world belongs to allah and everything in it to the believers, or else Moscow will be drowned in blood…..



A Muslim lawyer has called for the introduction of sharia courts in Russia, threatening a “bloodbath” if the demand is opposed.

Chechen Dagir Khasavov, the founder of an organisation that defends the rights of Muslims, said in an interview broadcast on 24 April by the independent channel Ren-TV:

Muslims do not want to get involved in the multi-layered court system, it is alien to them. You think that we come here to Russia like to some alien place. But we think that we are at home. Maybe you are alien, and we are at home. And we will set the rules, the rules that suit us, whether you want it or not. Any attempts to change it will end in blood, it will be the second Dead Sea. We will flood the city with blood.

Chechen lawyer Dagir Khasavov

The statement provoked a backlash in Russia, and Khasavov fled the country after receiving death threats. The Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation after experts from The Russian Institute of Culture found that the speech was aimed at exciting hatred and animosity based on religion, and could be considered a call for extremist activity.

Khasavov’s call for sharia courts in Russia was rejected outright by Mikhail Fedotov, the head of the country’s Presidential Human Rights Council.

He said on 25 April:

The creation of parallel justice systems is impossible in a modern law-governed state. It undermines the foundation of the justice system.

Attempts to force sharia courts on people are only possible in theocratic states.

Mr Fedotov said that the only way sharia courts could be created in Russia was to give them a role in arbitration hearings.

In 2008, the British government acknowledged that it had for some time accepted the role of sharia tribunals in arbitration, in certain limited fields. Opponents fear a slippery slope effect; that the acceptance of certain aspects of Islamic civil law could eventually lead to the introduction of full-blown sharia.

Khasavov has subsequently claimed that his words were distorted and said that he was referring only to inter-family cases, not criminal law. His son believes Khasavov was provoked, possibly by Chechen authorities.

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  1. This muslim s___bag is now hiding in the UK and being protected by the British government.

  2. Really where? I think his protectors might feel like a tea break at some point.

  3. Quote:
    You think that we come here to Russia like to some alien place. But we think that we are at home. Maybe you are alien, and we are at home.

    Exchange the name of any Western or North Atlantic nation with “Russia” and you have a perfect statement that confirms Islamic conquest.
    If this does not prompt immediate and intense resistance, then Russia itself will cease to exist.
    So much for supposedly being the domicile of the next Orthodox patriarchate.
    Nice dream.

  4. If the meaning of this man’s words is more carefully contemplated, then the imperative is clear– make the entire Western world a place in which he cannot lay his head anywhere– alive or dead.

  5. Oh, Khasavov…tick tock, tick tock. You silly Billy, blabbing to the Western media is not going to save you. When you piss the Russians off long enough, they will swat you like the annoying bug that you are.

    Being in London and international laws mean nothing. You seem to have forgotten what they did to Litvinenko and Markov.

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