Infiltration: its much worse than you think!

Posted on May 12, 2012 by Vlad  Tepes

Frank Gaffney’s course on Muslim-Brotherhood infiltration of the US government hits a nerve with Islamic world.

Here is an Al Jazeera clip on the course thanks to ‘Halal Booze Shack‘. Clearly, this penlight of truth on the massive infection which is Islam in the US has caused some of the pathogens to react.

Note that Pentagon spokesman John Kirby is totally in the bag for Islam. He is either a complete and utter village idiot or  a “revert”. Dempsey gets his orders directly from the Marxist Muslim in the white house, so we don’t really know how far he’s gone off the cliff.

It is noteworthy that at no point does Al Jazeera discuss any of the points raised, depending solely on political correctness and the assumption that any criticism of Islam is inherently wrong out of the gates.

FBI officials refuse to disclose the identities or backgrounds of a trio of outside Islamic experts it recently used to scrub the agency’s counter-terrorism training materials of information deemed offensive to Muslim advocacy groups.
Does CAIR run the military?
These stooges are a disgrace:

Instead, the terrorist-supporters from CAIR are calling for their dismissal as well as eliminating anti-Islam training materials, all of which are factually correct. The only people who should be dismissed, if not court martialed, are the ones who leaked the training materials to the media and CAIR.

The Traitor in the White House is systematically destroying our military and its ability to defend us. If we do not kick his Muslim Marxist ass out of office, we will all be bowing to Islam four years from now.  (BNI has much more)

Culture of Corruption or is this the inevitable result of dumbing down?

When even an energetic and enthusiastic dhimmi like New York’s Mayor Bloomberg defends this program, you can be sure there is nothing wrong with it on legal grounds. These representatives are grandstanding and pandering for Muslim votes, and endangering New Yorkers’ lives as they do so. “More Than Half New York’s Congressional Delegation: Punish NYPD For Muslim Surveillance,” by Celeste Katz for the New York Daily News, May 10

Iran likes it: