Maulana Rizvi: Muslims are not lunatics….. (except when they don't get their way)

Blazing Cat Fur:

“This clearly shows that Muslims are not just a bunch of over-sensitive people who go around protesting at everything. “

Muslims Not Lunatics, Justified For Rioting Burning Danish Embassy etc Over Motoons Says Toronto Hate Madrassah Maulana Rizvi

Every muslim nation should plead insanity.

Mullha : Man raped 48 dead bodies in Pakistan (no English translation)

Lets restore sanity!  Lets get rid of them!

Mark Steyn: The Spirit of Geert Wilders

“I have no desire to end up living like Geert Wilders or Kurt Westergaard, never mind dead as Fortuyn and van Gogh. But I also wish to live in truth, as a free man, and I do not like the shriveled vision of freedom offered by the Dutch Openbaar Ministrie, the British immigration authorities, the Austrian courts, Canada’s “human rights” tribunals, and the other useful idiots of Islamic imperialism. So it is necessary for more of us to do what Ayaan Hirsi Ali recommends: share the risk. So that the next time a novel or a cartoon provokes a fatwa, it will be republished worldwide and send the Islamic enforcers a message: Killing one of us won’t do it. You’d better have a great credit line at the Bank of Jihad because you’ll have to kill us all.”

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  1.’ll have to kill us all.”

    No problem with that. Muslims are killing Christians in Africa by the hundreds each day. A few authors wont make much of a difference.

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