No Joke: 'take-a-Talib-home-with-you' is now official gov't policy in Australia

And every Aussie home a boarding house for boat people

Yesterday’s prank is todays reality:

Andrew Bolt

This is the ludicrous point we’ve come to – that thousands of Australian homes must be turned into hoarding hostels for the boat people that Labor stupidly lured over:

THE Federal Government will pay families up to $300 a week to look after asylum seekers in their homes as arrivals pour into the country…

Under a plan slated to start next month, the Government will seek to access 5000 homes registered under the privately-run Australian Homestay Network.

The AHN was originally established to provide short-term private home accommodation and board for international students…

The Department of Immigration confirmed it will pay for security vetting and training for families who want to take up the offer.

It will also pay a weekly stipend of between $220 and $300 to cover board and food.

The guarantees of security clearances don’t seem worth that much, given this ABC report last night:

Two Immigration Department insiders have broken ranks to reveal to 7.30 serious claims of frequent and widespread fraud in visa applications. The allegations relate to family visa claims from Afghanistan and Pakistan. And while Immigration officials often detect the fraud, in many cases they’re over-ruled on appeal. They say it’s even led to child trafficking on Australian soil.

At least we know that the people so keen to damn Australia as racist and unwelcoming to boat people will, of course, be the first to give up their homes.

Wonder whether there will ever be a similar program to help our own homeless?

7 thoughts on “No Joke: 'take-a-Talib-home-with-you' is now official gov't policy in Australia”

  1. Apparently it was the Homestay org’s suggestion. What fools.
    On TV this morning, an interview with a couple who have been wonderfully enriched by refugee lodgers: “They are better than us.”
    Not their gain so much as ours, apparently.
    Can’t wait for my first one to arrive.
    But will my neighbours be impressed? Really?

  2. The next phase of the Labor Green Loon criminal enterprise , the Islamic Colonization of Australia using Australian’s taxes to do so.

    How long will it be before this “Harmony Day” “Cultural Enrichment” “Multicultural Diversity Program” becomes compulsory for all Australian’s ?
    Glad you lied about how many bedrooms, bathrooms you had in your house in the last Government Census arn’t you ? or did you tell the truth? Dumbass!!!!
    Now you know why the UN has been busily collecting statistics on you and your family via their lick spittle Labor Green “Independents” Australian Govt. Unions , Local Councils, welfare agencies and any other application form you have filled out these past thirty years.

    Australians Hang on tight, the ride is about to get a lot rougher and what ever you do don’t fill out any more questionnaires, or answer the front door after 8 pm.
    Home school if you can if not tell your kids to keep their mouths shut at school and to always feign agreement with school teachers.

    Europeans who fled Europe after WW2 will be well away of what plans these Progressive scum have for us.

  3. I have so much to say about this I have no idea where to begin…I mean you could write a book on how impractical and stupid it is.

    After this is given a go, there will be documentaries showing the salt-of-the-earth asylum seeker and heroic host and there will be documentaries showing the battered and bruised (not only hosts but asylum seekers).

  4. Ok, lets take this to its proper conclusion. Anyone who is registered either labour, green, or voted for those indipendants who side with the commie in chief, should all be forced to have at least 6 living at their place. If they have kids, tough, stick em in mom and dad, or mom and mom, or dad and dad, or dad mom and mom, or dad mom donkey, etc. If they whinge or refuse, the full compliment of their house is evicted immediatly and the same number of false refo’s are deported back to the refo’s country of origin, or closest proximity (they lie about country of origin you see). pretty soon, they will all either be deported or jizia to death or plain dead. Then those of us who care about this country can kick the remaining bludgers out of town.

    Problem solved.

    The Infidel

  5. Oh boy, are these rubes in for treat- not. How many rapes and beatings can they take from these undocumented misogynists before they twig?

    I saw an American general on TV only last night- they can’t train the Afghan soldiers because they are illiterate- e.g. the trainer will tell them ‘take four bullets ‘ in their own dialect, and they can’t even count to four!!

  6. This is why the last census in the UK, in addition to asking the number of people, also asked how many bedrooms you had in your home. It was to discover who are the kuffar space-hogs who will have “undocumented guests” (formerly known as illegal aliens) billeted with them.

  7. Ha. They did this in the UK a couple years ago and one bleeding heart sucker invited two Afghanies into their home as ‘young’ orphans, who turned out to be men in their late teens early twenties, as they lied about their age. One stole from the family and the other orphan seduced or tried to seduce their 13/14 teenage daughter in the home.

    The article was in the London Sunday Times some time in the mid-noughties.

    @Aussie, When did all this PC/Green Mularkey happen in Australia ? Australia and Australians have always been known/perceived for being straight talking, straight shooting, No BS and a low tolerance for idiocy. Because of this approach those of us from Europe and America have seen Australia/NZ as a kinda of last frontier, if the going got tough.

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