Woking the Dog

Bitter Clingers

The Real Bitter Clingers To Guns And Religion

Obama couldn’t recognize them if they bit him in the dick. (the looking spoon)

Bitter CNN Clinger

Piers Morgan believes all America needs is a “cool president”. 

CNN’s ratings are in the dirt.  CNN is not journalism.  It’s a network of bitter Liberals clinging to a failing Socialist president.  And their only pathetic promotion of Obama, now, is that “he’s cool”.

Forward Into Osamaversary Farce

Obama’s new slogan (borrowed from communists and Nazis) and his unseemly spiking of the football in Afghanistan yesterday as he strikes the absurd pose of bold military leader have been combined into a campaign poster sure to rally liberals out of their funk of disillusionment:


Obama’s Gutsy Call?

Obama wanted to be able to cover himself if things went wrong.

In fact, the President had neatly shifted the entire risk for the bin Laden operation onto someone for whom he has given exactly zero credit – even a year later.  (FrontPage Magazine)

Woking the dog


The word “crusader” has been completely captured by the forces political correctness. Whatever their sins, the Crusaders weren’t conquerors or the first invading shock troops of Western imperialism. They were warriors sent to reclaim lands taken by Islamic invaders. The great irony is that both Western progressives and Islamic fundamentalists have unwittingly bought into the same propaganda. — J.G.